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Wellness Universe Empowering Quote of The Day Rhonda

Our feature original quote of the day is written by Rhonda Hendricks, a members of The Wellness Universe. “Empowered people aren\’t concerned about competing with anyone; they are busy empowering others.” Rhonda/ Rhonda Hendricks Quotes

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The expanded thought Rhonda gave us to elaborate on her quote is as follows:

Empowered people are not grasping for power, rather they are people who have received and are operating in a place of authority to release, activate, and facilitate Life in the hearts and lives of others.

Proper Authority produces Life and equates with proper function and relationships. Competing…is grasping for power, and has the root cause coming from the place of not knowing who you are; a place of insecurity.

The meaning of true self-esteem and true humility lies in the realization that we are neither inferior nor superior to anyone. When you are operating from your place of authority in your life, it will be a place of Life, freedom and authenticity to BE fully you, fully alive, with the grace and ability to activate, facilitate, release, and empower others in their hearts and lives.

Thank you Rhonda!

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