The Wellness Universe Inspiring Quote of The Day by Sandra Starnino-Lonardo

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The Wellness Universe Inspiring Quote of  The Day by Sandra Starnino-Lonardo

Weakness, tragedy we have all experienced. Encouraging and inspiring us with her original quote of the day, Sandra Starnino-Lonardo reinforces how the weak moments are the times we shine the greatest, as a Victor, not a victim.

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Sandra elaborates on her inspiring quote:

We are strong at our weakest point. It is in that strength that we uncover our courage, wisdom and inner vision guiding us to stand tall and walk into our greatness…

Are we, in fact, strongest at our weakest point? The answer to this question is an astounding YES! We affirm this time and again throughout the course of our lifetime. The challenges, they are many along the way. We stumble, fall and meet with unfathomable turmoil, pain and suffering. The impact of those experiences dim our light and seemingly hijack our personal power.

Just when we are about to raise the white flag, an internal switch turns on. Suddenly, an energy source ignites deep within us, like a laser. We hear loud and clear our voice emanating from the very core of our being. Our inner voice echoing these words. Stand up, speak up and do not give up or give in to that which has attempted to break you, take you down or stand in the way of your greatness.

It is, at that moment, that you are awakened and consciously aware that being strong at your weakest point is not for the faint of heart.. You are blessed with an internal knowingness that you are a Warrior… a Victor…. NOT a victim!

In that space you bask in the glory of your greatness. Humbly grateful for that strength at your weakest point.

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