The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Colleen Sidun

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Colleen Sidun

‘Brainwash’ yourself of limiting beliefs. Our quote of the day comes from Colleen Sidun. Read her expanded thought to counteract the limiting beliefs you were raised with, to live the life you want.

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What do you believe? The answer to this question most likely lies in what you were disciplined to believe – what you learned from your family, society and from your life experiences.

The very idea that ‘we live what we learn’ gives power to the fact that “anything” is possible. If you were raised in a different family in another part of the world and had different life experiences, your beliefs would be different.

This concept brings life to the idea that we all have limited beliefs depending on our circumstances. However this concept also brings into play the magical outlook of believing that anything is possible.

If you only ever walk to the end of your street you may form the belief that there is nothing past your street. It is our minds that create these illusions and it is our minds that have the ability expand them. Think of all of the possibilities that can be created by allowing your thoughts to move past what they already know!

If you want to believe in something more, inundate yourself with thoughts and ideas that support it. Visualize, using all of your senses to create the experience of more. Brainwash and discipline your thoughts to create these new beliefs.

Thanks ~ Colleen

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