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quote of the day thursdayEmpowering Quote of The Day by Angie Webster

Our quote of the day empowers, awakens and guides us to essentially open up to our true self; our light, power and potential. Thank you Angie for your quote and expanded thought.

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Angie Webster\’s expanded thought on her original quote of the day for the Wellness Universe.

Open yourself to the ways that life flows in and through you. Let yourself be empowered from the inside by this peaceful, healing energy that enlivens us all.

Each and every one of us has the life energy that comes from something larger than us. It is the life energy that flows through every living being, no matter how infinite or how minute.

When we begin to look inside our own hearts and acknowledge this energy, through whatever practices make sense to us, we can begin to understand that this energy is available to us all. It is not separate from us. It is within. And it connects us all. Each man, woman and child. Even each plant and animal. All of life.

We begin to understand that this energy is co-creating with us. We interact with it, in our every thought, our every action. We begin to see that we have the power to heal. To lay down our chains and be free.

Allow yourself to be brave enough to begin to look inside. To begin to understand the strength and the fullness of life that truly flows within you and within each one of us. Allow yourself to remember. Allow yourself to begin to understand who you really are. Gently remind yourself to keep returning to this understanding over and over, every day.

Let yourself open to feeling the aliveness within and let it gently return you to the wholeness and love that you truly are.
 – Angie Webster

Thank you Angie!

More from Angie? Visit her https://www.facebook.com/HolisticSpirituality





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