The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Gigi Galluzzo

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Gigi Galluzzo

Our thoughts are powerful. We hear that all the time, but, how do we get from where we are to where we want to be? Our quote of the day inspires you. Thank you Gigi Galluzzo.

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You are the creator of the world you live in. Through thoughts your energy is headed onto to pathways laid out by you. It is time to become so focused that you can see clear into your tomorrows.

Focus all your attention on all you so desire. Immerse yourself in mindful and deliberate thoughts. Gently and lovingly guide your thoughts in the direction you wish to go, as you delight in the oncoming stream of dreams coming true.

It is the mental part of this life that keeps you away from all you want, need and desire. Quiet your mind and focus on what you deserve from this life. When you learn to dwell in the beauty of your focus you are creating a canvas of life to be enjoyed by not just yourself, but others that walk along-side you.

What you think about is what you become. Think and wonder, wonder and create. This life is yours to live and to focus upon.

Getting great at anything is work, but if your focused and staying positive , the work quickly turns into times where you begin to witness the fruits of your labor. Pick from the tree you have created, as seeds continue to spread into other yards where more of your greatness can be discovered and shared with others.

One by one the desires you have, turn into the reality you live through focus.

Focus on all the possibilities, as they will always be endless.

You deserve to live our best life now!

Written by: Gigi Galluzzo
Life Coach/Inspirational Writer/Author

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