Which Spicy Color is Said to Make You Happy?

a bowl of saffron

What’s the spicy color that makes you smile and makes you happy?

It’s the color yellow; the color of the morning when we rise and the color we love best. It signifies the beginning of a new day. For many people, a lack of sunshine creates a sad and depressing mood. Therefore, I would safely say that for everyone a beautiful yellow day is something to make you happy. But yellow is so much more. It’s the color of the world’s most expensive spice!

Yellow Saffron is one of the world’s most expensive spices. Saffron is the threads from the stigmas of the sativus crocus flower. It takes about 13,125 threads to make one ounce. There are only three stigmas per flower. Saffron is handpicked and that is why it is so expensive.

Saffron yellow is associated with the third chakra or our center of power.

It symbolizes a reservoir for the energy of life. Buddhist monks wear saffron color robes to signify purity. Saffron has also been associated with Eos, the goddess of dawn, who is said to open the gate to the sun each morning bringing sunlight and joy. Cleopatra is said to have bathed in saffron to make her lovemaking more pleasurable. The Phoenicians marketed the spice as a cure for melancholy.

Although Saffron is used in traditional Persian and Spanish cuisine, it also has a magical and medicinal aspect. In fact, non-Persians in ancient times feared the use of saffron believing it drugged people and induced sexual promiscuous behavior. Saffron is said to bring wealth and prosperity. A cup of tea at night will induce intense dreams. Caveat; always seek out a qualified herbal practitioner when using herbal medicine. Herbal plants can have contraindications.

Saffron has many wonderful medicinal properties from regulating women’s cycles to lowering blood pressure.

It contains the chemical crocetin, a natural carotenoid. Although saffron can increase our physical heart rate and pulse, it actually does lowers high blood pressure. Some people even speculate that the low incidence of heart disease in Spain is due to the nation’s high consumption of saffron.

Modern medicine has discovered that saffron has anti-cancer, anti-mutation, and antioxidant properties. A tea made from saffron is said to help cure alcoholism and to lift depression.

Saffron contains over 150 aromatic oils. It also has many nonvolatile components like lycopene. Actually, lycopene is a carotenoid that has anti-cancer components that are more powerful than vitamin E.

The yellow color of the crocus flower is sure to make you smile.

Add to that the fact that you can increase your anti-cancer protection by eating the world’s most expensive spice while uplifting your mood and enhancing your lovemaking.

That makes adding yellow saffron to your diet a spicy color to make you healthy and happy!  

*Originally published on November 6, 2017.

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