Why Do I Do What I Do?

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Why do I do what I do? I want to make my life worthy of the second chance I was given. Decades ago, my life motto became: One Earth, One People, One Love.

When I was a 20-year-old college student, my best friend and I hit a tree head-on and did not die in the car accident. Shrugging it off as an unfortunate incident, I left on vacation. A couple of weeks later, I found out one of my high school friends died in a small plane crash. Why am I still here? I wondered.

After everything that has happened, why are you still here?

One Love

The brush with death started me on the path of self-discovery and searching for the divine. I wanted to live my life on purpose. I had a lightbulb moment while writing a philosophy of religion term paper. We have a basic human need to connect with the divine like we have a basic need for food, water, and air. We have an inner calling to reconnect with the oneness within us.

We come from One Love. We return to One Love. In between, we are each an evolving expression of the One Love that guides our hearts.

How has your journey to the Divine within been for you?

One People

After college, I joined the United States Peace Corps and served for two years in a rural mountain village in the heart of Africa. I taught English as a fourth language in a business school. I definitely learned more than I taught.

As I traveled and met people from other cultures, I realized we humans have more similarities than differences. We share common values. We all want respect and freedom. We all love our children. We all want to belong to something greater than ourselves.

We are One People who come in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Did you know there is only one race – the human race?

One Earth

Our bodies depend on the earth’s water for cell function. Water flows through all of our bodies and back to the earth.  We living beings share the same air that circulates around the globe through the trees and plankton and back through our bodies. The sun’s energy grows plants from minerals in the soil. The minerals we consume become tissues in our bodies.

We are all made of the earth’s water, air, and minerals. The earth recycles through our bodies. We are One Earth.

I invite you to pause in a moment of gratitude for the earth sustaining our bodies.

Future Generations

When I birthed my daughters at the advanced maternal ages of 39 ½ and 42 ½ my life became larger. Suddenly, I was creating a world not only about myself but for future generations to thrive.

Together we are creating a world where our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will thrive in a world of well-being for all.

When we tune in and listen to One Love expressing uniquely through our heart wisdom, we know who we are. We treat ourselves, each other, and the earth with the respect and dignity worthy of Divine Creation.

What is your heart wisdom urging you toward?

My Mission

My mission is to reconnect people to their heart wisdom and inner resilience, so they know who they are and feel guided to handle the changes on the planet. A common theme I hear from my clients after working with me is, “I feel more like myself.”

When we’re plugged into our heart wisdom, we feel more resilient, and better able to handle change and navigate the complexity of life.

When we are plugged in and listening to our hearts, we feel more fully alive, happier, and whole. We are more fully present in our bodies. We feel and know we are interconnected parts of One Earth, One People, and One Love.

Why do I do what I do? When we have more happy, healthy, healed humans on the planet, our momentum will create peace in the world. I share the Wellness Universe mission. That’s why I became a Wellness Universe World Changer.

Inspirational speaker, event leader, healer

I offer individual energy healing sessions to align clients with Divine Love expressing uniquely through them for their highest good.

In my group meditations, we align our vibrations with Divine Love for a boost of energy during the week. Midweek Reset Meditations meet for thirty minutes on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, 9:30-10amET. https://bit.ly/WUMidWeekMeditation

In High Vibration Living: Leaders Bridging Inner and Outer Peace, we practice keeping our vibrations high when life pushes our low vibe buttons. Each month, a featured speaker and I lead an interactive discussion, transformative activity, and reflective journaling exercise. The monthly sessions meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month, 9:30-10:30amET. Recordings are available. https://bit.ly/HighVibrationLiving

I love that these Wellness For All programs are offered on a donation basis so that everyone can participate. The faster we heal, the faster we can bring peace to the planet and create a world of wellbeing for all.

Who else has a mission to experience joy and be of service to the evolution of humanity?  What do you do to make the world a better place?

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