Wonderful Gift Ideas that Give Back for a Happy & Healthy 2018

Wonderful Gift Ideas that Give Back for a Happy & Healthy 2018

This array of gifts for your health, happiness and well-being are sponsored by WU World-Changers. Be sure to get them while they last!

  • Save 50% or more
  • Have a chance to WIN a Cancun vacation
  • Support an epic fundraiser
  • Spread awareness that makes the world a better place and leads to world peace

Watch Shari’s video and find out how getting one of the amazing gifts below gives back to a community of world-changers and a project creating a happy, healthy and whole world, which we believe leads to world peace.

These spectacular gifts available through 1/1/18 only. Hurry! Some are limited in quantity, all support WU.

Learn More About Gift #19

Learn More About Gift #20

About The Wellness Universe: Real People. Real Resources. Really Changing the World.


The world needs hope, healing and support. One by one Wellness Universe World-Changers (WU World-Changers) create more happiness, health and peace throughout our planet. Together we make the world a more positive and peace-filled space.

In 2013, The Wellness Universe Founder Anna Pereira had an epic vision. Passionate about leaving the world a better place than she found it, she reached out to Shari Alyse and shared her idea of creating an unprecedented community of people, each one being a resource for well-being, who are just as passionate and dedicated to making the world a better place.

Wellness requires all areas of our life to have balance. The Wellness Universe has a community of wellness practitioners and professionals who support you in 7 areas of wellness: Environmental, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social and Spiritual. Completely member supported, all content is created by the members to support their personal messages to help make the world a better place. The Wellness Universe launched live on 1/23/15, first as a Facebook page directory, and now as a robust resource comprised of over 2,500 vetted members from around the world.

Our Vision

The Wellness Universe vision is, quite simply, world peace. We believe this is achieved by supporting, empowering and celebrating wellness professionals and World-Changer leaders around the globe. If we systematically and practically support leaders, provide them with a community and a platform through which to share their passion, message and expertise, they will be positively and profoundly affected and this in turn will increase their reach, impact and ability to educate and inspire true and lasting whole health in people the world over. The Wellness Universe is a catalyst for this.

Our Mission

The Wellness Universe (WU) mission is to revolutionize the wellness industry and ultimately what wellness means, how we incorporate it into our lives and how we access and share wellness resources. Through our leading-edge online directory and platform, we make resources for self-help and empowerment, and connection to an evolutionary global wellness community easily accessible, all under one WU umbrella. We believe that in connecting one another in the pursuit of whole health and well-being, personally and professionally, this causes a ripple effect that will ultimately inspire peace globally.


Wishing you and yours a most happy, healthy and blessed holiday season with 2018 bringing joy, peace, love and success.

In Gratuite,

Founders Anna Pereira, Shari Alyse and The Wellness Universe Team


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