WU Featured Author: Carol Pilkington – Your Amazing Itty-Bitty Book of Astrology: 15 Key Questions People Ask About Astrology

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The Wellness Universe features Carol Pilkington, a Spiritual/Astrology Counselor. As a member of The Wellness Universe, and Best-Selling Author of the book Your Amazing Itty-Bitty Book of Astrology: 15 Key Questions People Ask About Astrology, we wanted to share a bit about her work in the world. Through astrology, she works with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and executives to fulfill their highest potential and purpose in life and helps them work through the barriers.

We asked Carol to share her journey in writing her book. Shining a light on the inside scoop about her inspiration, process, reader reflections, and more.

WU: What influenced you to write your book Your Amazing Itty-Bitty Book of Astrology: 15 Key Questions People Ask About Astrology?

Carol: There are so many misunderstandings about what astrology is and how it can be used as a transformational tool alongside one’s spiritual practice.

WU: Tell us a bit about your journey. How long did it take you to write your book and how did writing your book change your life?

Carol: It took about four months to write as I had to do some historical research which was in itself a learning experience, it even opened my eyes to how astrology became so misunderstood. Astrology has been instrumental in helping me understand the cycles of life I’m in as well as given me a blueprint or map if you will to live and fulfill my calling in life as I have through my evolution and growth. Nothing is promised, each of us still must do the work and take responsibility for our own process. I never dreamed of becoming a published author; it has certainly changed my life.

WU: What are your readers sharing? How has your book inspired and impacted lives?

Carol:  Here’s a review from a reader:

Judy Schriener 

5.0 out of 5 stars Way More Than Itty Bitty Info

Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2015

This may be an “Itty Bitty” book, but the author is clearly quite knowledgeable about astrology and packs in a lot of information. As a longtime journalist and author (“Building for Boomers,” McGraw-Hill), I find the amount of research that went into this book quite impressive. I’ve been a casual follower and researcher of astrology for many years, and I learned a lot! I think Carol Pilkington nailed the important questions that people might ask about astrology. The questions are about how it all got started, how it works, and its evolution over the years. She never evangelizes about astrology, and she doesn’t push it. She just answers questions in a very informative and logical way and urges people to come to their own conclusions.

WU: What do you aspire to achieve through your book?

Carol: I hope to clear up some of the myths about astrology and inspire readers to add astrology to their toolbox in their own transformational process.

WU: Any final words you would like to share?

Carol: We are the Gods walking therefore it stands to reason that the Intelligences are living through us. From the Emerald Tablet – As above, So below: That which is above is like to that which is below, and that which is below is like to that which is above.

Thank you Carol for sharing. If you found this insightful and inspiring and would like to get a copy of Your Amazing Itty Bitty Book of Astrology: 15 Key Questions People Ask About Astrology, connect with Carol visit https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/world-changers/carolpilkington/

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