7 Elements for your Vision Board

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The buzz around about vision boards is still kicking around!


Do they work? Are they helpful? What exactly are they?

A vision board does work, it is helpful and when it’s built correctly can be a powerful source to help you manifest your goal. Simply put, a vision board creates a physical or digital visual of what your ideal “x” would be for your life, and seeing it reminds you why all your hard work and dedication is going to be worth it.

A vision board helps you get specific about what exactly it is you want and then surround it with encouragement, positivity, and gratitude to support your dreams. But you want to make sure that you create one that you can actually connect with, one that actually works for you and keeps your dreams alive each and every day.

There are two ways to create a vision board each with their pros and cons, but first, let’s go over the seven elements each board needs and why.

7 Elements Your Vision Board Needs:

  1. Quotes that Motivate You

  • Words are a powerful source of inspiration and intention in your life! Physically reading or seeing something that connects to what you believe or helps you feel less alone makes a difference.
  1. People Who Inspire You

  • Because sometimes you need someone else that has what you want! Seeing is believing if they can do it, why can’t you? You absolutely can!
  1. Physical Things that You’re Working Towards Bringing into Your Life

  • Stay specific about what you want and what you’re bringing into your space each and every day. Vague requests get vague results.
  1. A Gratitude List that You Can Add to

  • There’s nothing more powerful than gratitude when you’re feeling a bit hung up on everything going wrong in your life. By stepping back and seeing the good, you can declutter your mind and re-center.
  1. Something Fun and Quirky that’s Visually Appealing to Your Eye

  • Life’s too short to not enjoy your vision board! Throw something on there for fun!
  1. Something Soothing that Relaxes and Centers You

  • Even if some days your goals look a bit overwhelming, you can connect with what relaxes you and allow yourself the space you need to breathe.
  1. A Specific List of Goals You’re Focused On

  • Create a physical list not only pictures. Seeing something in writing is powerful because the mind will commit it to memory as it reads it over and over again.

Bonus: 2 Ways to Make A Vision Board + the Pros and Cons for each

#1. A Physical Board

One way to set this up is with a physical board that you’ll put on your wall, in your office, or somewhere in your space that will remind you why your hard work is worth it.

  • PROS: Physically building and seeing something every day really cements it down in your mind.
  • CONS: Can take up quite a bit of space and you may run out of space as you continue to build on it.

#2. A Digital Board

The other way is to build a vision board on a digital platform like Pinterest, or a collection of pictures that can fulfill all seven elements and can grow in space exponentially.

  • PROS: Exponential growth and space available on these boards can be easily updated and looked at throughout your day as a way to stay motivated.
  • CONS: Not physically in front of your eye automatically, can sometimes be forgotten about and neglected.

Whether you decide to build a physical board or create one online through Pinterest, you want to make sure that your board supports the life you’re working towards creating.

A vision board serves as a pattern interrupt, it wakes your mind up and brings it out of the day-to-day usual activities to help you stay motivated and focused.

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*Originally published on November 30, 2018.

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