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The Wellness Universe features David McLeod, Certified Master Life Coach. Since David is a member of The Wellness Universe and author of the inspiring and authoritative book A Life To Die For, we wanted to share a bit about his work in the world.

As Your Life Mastery Coach, David is your unconditionally supportive accountability partner and advocate whose entire focus is to help you design, create, and experience your best possible life. When he’s not busy providing coaching services, David shares wisdom, insights, personal lessons, and expertise in countless ways that help people all over the world become true masters of their lives.

We asked David to share his journey in writing his book and to shine a light on the inside scoop about his inspiration, process, reader reflections, and more.

WU: What influenced you to write your book A Life to Die For?

David: I started my intentional path of personal growth in early 1996. As is common for many people on this kind of path, my journey began in an undirected way, sort of like a “random walk.” It was like being a guest at a massive self-help smorgasbord! I was trying everything, but only a little bit at a time. But in 2003 I attended a powerful men’s retreat that cracked me open in a most exquisite way that led me to (re-)connect to my true Spiritual Nature. Not only did I undergo a visceral and illuminating experience of Universal Oneness during that seminar, but also, my heart was opened to all the Truth that I had been seeking for so long. Over the next few years, I was inundated with a flow of wisdom and information, almost to the point of overwhelm. And because I was aware of the incredible gifts contained in this information, I really wanted to share it as far and wide as possible. I knew that I needed somehow to codify and categorize my understanding, so I started writing things down. In 2016, I began to see a pattern emerging, so I formalized my writing process and slowly transformed my ideas into a book, which I chose to call A Life to Die For.

WU: Tell us a bit about your journey. How long did it take you to write? How did writing your book change your life?

David: Right from the beginning, I knew in my heart that my book was not going to be just another “self-help” or “how-to” book. I wanted it to be more like a personal journey toward Life Mastery, with poems, images, affirmations, narratives, and exercises to keep readers engaged. I decided to structure the text as a sequence of keys, each of which would be valuable unto itself, but would also lead naturally to the next key. The entire sequence, consisting of 10 keys supported by a single foundational key, would be organized in a circular arrangement that I now call the “Flower of Life Mastery”. The writing process took me about 18 months, followed by another 6 months of editing.

This writing and editing process had a significant impact on me.

First, I came to the unshakable conclusion that the only thing that really matters in terms of personal growth and having a great life is to know the truth of who you really are. Everything else, including the question of why you are here, stems from that one critical fact.

Second, I became crystal clear about my message and how I am supposed to deliver it. This has led to the creation of numerous programs and courses that I share with the world.

And third, by continuing my own growth practice according to the methods I learned, I feel more and more grounded and centered every day!

WU: What are your readers sharing? How has your book inspired and impacted lives?

David: At the beginning of my process, I made a conscious decision not to become a zealous promoter of my book in order to achieve a short-lived status of “best-seller.” Instead, I wanted to release the book into the wild and allow it to stand on its own and speak for itself. Perhaps this was a mistake, but I do believe the contents of this book are timeless and will always be useful to anyone who reads it. This seems to be corroborated by many of the reviews I have received. Here are just a few snippets to show what I mean:

  • “…a powerful roadmap for mastering your life …”
  • “…can help anyone…to improve their life experience and find more joy…”
  • “…a living masterpiece …”
  • “…depth, meaning, and incredible life lessons …”
  • “…many practical tools and opportunities to advance on the journey…”

I am blessed to know that people get so much value from reading this book, which was gifted to me through the power of Universal Spirit.

WU: What do you aspire to achieve through your book?

David: My aspiration for the world is described metaphorically and figuratively in my poem “I had a dream” at the end of the book’s preface. In a nutshell, this dream helped me to understand that each of us is a unique and temporary expression of Universal Oneness, and that, in spite of any thoughts to the contrary, we are all loved beyond measure. If we can all learn to quiet our ego-minds and stay connected to our essential Spiritual Nature, we will remember the Truth of who we are and why we are here. In this way, we can bring deep peace and serenity to our hearts, which will help to bring peace and serenity to the whole world—indeed, the whole Universe.

Obviously, it is unlikely that I’m going to have that much influence on the world (let alone the Universe!), so my more realistic hope is that people who yearn for truth and healing will find their way to my book and open their hearts to receive its message.

WU: Any final words you would like to share?

David: You are not your name. You are not your job description or any of the roles you play. You are not your thoughts or your beliefs or your feelings. You are not your choices or your actions. All of those things are simply reflections of how you chose to show up when they happened. When you peel away all the layers and illusions, what you’ll discover (or rather, remember) is that you are a divine, magnificent, unlimited Spiritual being of Light and Love, enjoying a temporary shared human experience in the physical plane.

It’s really quite stunning when you think about it! However, given that you are still involved in your human experience for the foreseeable future, I encourage you to memorize and recite the Life Mastery Mantra every day:

  • I gratefully forgive the Imperfect Being I have been in the past.
  • I gratefully accept the Magnificent Being I am right now.
  • I gratefully welcome the Evolved Being I am becoming in each new moment.

Thank you David for sharing!

If you found this insightful and inspiring and would like to get a copy of A Life to Die For and connect with David McLeod visit https://so-ve.info/WUProfile.

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