5 Ways Hydration is Essential for Body Functioning

5 Ways Hydration is Essential for Body Functioning by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Hydration

5 Ways Hydration is Essential for Body Functioning by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Hydration

Drinking water is such a basic part of our daily self-care routines, but do we really know why?

We know it’s good for our body and we know we feel better after having a satisfying glass of water, but what else is there? Besides some of the more obvious health benefits of staying hydrated, like getting your thirst quenched and flushing out waste bi-products, there are subtler, yet impactful benefits to be experienced with continued hydration. Let’s take a look at how drinking plenty of water is essential for body functioning and all the ways you can receive the benefits.

Here are 5 Ways Hydration is Essential for Body Functioning:

  1. The Body as a Whole.

Since the body is about two-thirds water, it’s quite imperative to maintain a level of hydration that keeps your body functioning at optimal performance. In fact, it’s wise to think of water as a nutrient to feed your body, rather than just an element to consume. The body relies on water to survive and thrive. Water acts as a means of transportation to carry nutrients to your organs and tissues, as well as remove toxins and waste that the body makes while preserving and maintaining itself. Therefore, keeping the body hydrated is essential for every cell, tissue, organ, etc.

  1. Brain Function.

There are both physical and psychological benefits of keeping the brain well hydrated. Brain cells rely on water to function efficiently. When fluids are low in your brain, normal functions like short-term and long-term memory, doing simple math and problem solving, and even keeping your attention focused are all compromised on some level. Basically, a dehydrated brain has to work much harder at the same tasks a hydrated brain would easily complete. With a well-hydrated brain, you can experience improved concentration and cognitive function, more balanced moods and emotions, better memory, prevention and alleviation of headaches due to increased blood flow and oxygen, as well as the reduction of stress. Drinking the right amount of water for your body gives you increased brain power and promotes mental alertness.

  1. Digestive Health.

Water is required to properly move and flush out toxins and waste held within the body and aids your digestive tract and bowels so they can function as they are designed to. A certain amount of water is used during digestion so it’s crucial that you consume more water to refill your reserves.

Drinking water helps you to feel fuller so you eat smaller portions and consume less high-calorie drinks. This leads to smoother digestion, more regular bowel movements, a cleaner system because the toxins are carried out, your body receiving more nutrients, and ultimately, this creates a body well suited to burn fat and release excess weight. That’s a loose recipe for weight loss with water!

  1. Muscle Function.

Water also has the power to keep your joints and muscles well lubricated and flexible. Muscle cramps are actually the body’s signal to get your attention that it is severely dehydrated and needs oxygen from a big glass of water. Muscles generate a lot of energy to keep your body warm so drinking water has a dual effect here because along with fueling the muscles to create heat, it also regulates the body’s temperature through the endocrine system.

  1. Natural Skin Care.

Want to give yourself a natural facelift? Drink half your weight in water each day and take note of how radiant and supple your skin looks and feels. This is because the reservoirs that hold water for the body in dehydrated skin are empty, therefore, the skin is less elastic and plump. Filling them up and keeping them full of water is actually what gives the supple, radiant look. Keeping the body well hydrated also aids in flushing out toxins and impurities from your skin, along with increasing the circulation of blood and vital nutrients. Drinking water for glowing skin; cheers to that!

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated:

  1. Drink a 12oz glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning.

The added bonus here is a boosted metabolism and better functioning digestive system!

  1. Infuse water with fresh fruit, vegetables or herbs so you’re more likely to drink a greater amount.

Sometimes plain water isn’t so appealing, but adding flavor keeps it interesting, especially when you can mix any flavor you desire!

  1. Carry a BPA-Free, reusable water container wherever you go.

This way, you’ll always have hydration at hand and you’ll be more likely to keep it full as you drink the contents.

  1. Drink water before bed, but not so much that you’ll be waking up to relieve yourself in the middle of the night.

The body naturally dries out as you get your 7-9 hours of sleep, so if you’re waking up feeling dried out, have a small glass of water before bed and keep a glass close by overnight.

  1. Drink water when you feel hungry.

You may be confusing the hunger and thirst signals that your body is sending you. Before grabbing a bite to eat, have a 12-16oz glass of water instead. If you’re still hungry when you finish the glass, have a nutrient-filled meal or snack.


For positive-energy water, thank the water for all the amazing things it does for your body. With every swallow, the water carries your gratitude to every cell in your body.

With sufficient delivery of nutrients to your body and some extra gratitude, you’ll be setting your body up for well-being and success day after day. And by giving it the nutrients it needs to run efficiently, it will support you in many ways.

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