5 Ways to Use Your Voice to Heal Yourself

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What if stepping into our worthiness, standing up for what matters to us, and expressing that out loud healed us as much as the best bodywork, chiropractic adjustment, or summer cleanse?

Finding and expressing your voice might be even more powerful than those things.

Here’s how.

Most of the science about healing your voice is about your actual vocal cords and singing. But what about using your voice to heal yourself, mind, body, and soul? Ever sit listening to someone express themselves, a talk, speech, poem or story, and feel healed in one small moment they said the exact thing you needed to hear to validate a lost part of you? To give you that “Aha” you’d been waiting for your whole life to get?

Ever build up the courage to express yourself out loud about something that really matters to you or someone else? Notice how when you put the vibration of your voice to the thoughts in your head, and move those words from your heart to your tongue, you feel a little bit better, even if you were shaking during the delivery?

I have. And it’s why I’d love to encourage you to explore the different ways you can use your voice to heal yourself.

“…fear is just a feeling, and it’s stealing your show. It’s going to take a brave kind of healing…”

The words of my poem, the one I’d practiced dozens of times alone at home, vibrated through me and I kind of forgot where I was for a moment. I stood on a small wooden stage with a microphone in my hand and the lights in my eyes were so bright I couldn’t see the faces staring back at me. Then I heard an “Mmmm hmmm!” from the crowd and I turned my head to see another head nodding. Expressing my words, even when I have to shake to get them out, has healed a small piece of some of my childhood wounds every single time I’ve had the courage to express them. Whether it’s the fear of a not-good-enough trigger, an inner critic message of doubt or some serious love coming from someone listening; each moment surrounding my expression moves the energy to increase my awareness of something I feel.

And feeling is healing. “I want a divorce,” I said, not beating around the bush this time. Again, I wasn’t sure I knew where I was, or who was speaking the moment I said those words and actually meant it enough to go through with the painful actions I’d have to carry out to see that year to its end.

I’m not even sure I know what he said at that moment. But I could feel the shift inside starting to rearrange me. Speaking through the fear, doubt, shame and uncertainty helped me take another step. It helped get me from stuck and paralyzed to inaction about something my soul had known for years was in order.

Feeling that fear and speaking with the feeling was healing.

What’s one of those moments for you? Can you remember a time? You might even journal about that right now. Go ahead, I’ll be here when you get back. There are many ways to find, use, and express your voice in the name of deep soul healing. I’d like to suggest a few ways, in case standing on a stage with a microphone in your hands seems a bit drastic. But I am going to include that here too!

Here Are 5 Ways to Use Your Voice to Heal Yourself:

  1. Journal the feelings.

Writing your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and moments out loud on paper is one way to shift the energy. Moving the words from the inside to the outside is the shift. Take a few breaths and just go for it. If you’re worried about someone finding or reading it, then burn it afterward. It’s the action of writing that matters.

  1. Read your journal out loud to yourself.

This is a powerful and next-step kind of tool. When you read out loud you hear your voice and the feelings will be much more powerful. Don’t be surprised if you trigger a cry.

  1. Read your journal out loud to a trusted friend.

Set some boundaries and unless you really want feedback, let your person know you just need a witness. And that is exactly what makes this kind of expression powerful. Reading your thoughts to a friend makes them real. And it helps you with another level of self-reflection, awareness, feeling, and healing.

  1. Start blogging or creating videos about the stuff that really matters to you.

And then share them. Feel how this amps up the fear a little? “What will people think,” you might be wondering to yourself. In this case, you will see how sharing and expressing your voice to more than your mom or a good friend creates a bigger shift and helps you aim yourself at what really matters to you in your life.

  1. Stand on a stage and speak.

I had to include this because of the amazing effects it has had in my life. The steps I had to take to get me on a stage were priceless, powerful chunks of healing. The confidence I enjoy when I stand on one now feels like bliss. And if someone like me who was painfully shy at one point in her life, can stand at a microphone and recite a poem about Brave Healing, then you, my brave healer, can do that too!

Here’s what I know about you, your voice and your message: You were born, so you’re worthy. Your message matters.

What if the very thing you’re still afraid to share is exactly the thing someone else needs to hear to change or even save their life. Time to be brave. Need a little help? I invite you to check out this program that will change your life.

– Laura

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