Aries New Moon – Embrace your Inner Warrior

New Moon Rituals Embrace your Inner Warrior

Whether you’re a big fan of astrology or not, there’s no denying the influence that the moon has on our world. While the most obvious effect is on the tides, there are so many other examples. Hospital delivery rooms gear up for a baby boom when the moon is at its fullest, and savvy farmers follow its rhythms to plot the best times for sowing and reaping. 

And is it any wonder since human bodies are made up of 80 percent water that you\’re inexorably tied to her rhythms as well?

I’ve been facilitating Moon Circles for over 25 years, and while the Full Moon may have more romantic lore woven around it, I’ve gravitated toward the deep, dark time of the New Moon when we’re naturally drawn to go within, to focus on what we’re leaving behind and begin to plant seeds for the ideas, plans, and actions we want to grow over the coming weeks as the Moon itself waxes towards full again.

What an extraordinary gift that we get to move through that powerful release/renew cycle every month!

Aries New Moon qualities

Aries is the quintessential zodiac sign for activating your inner warrior (in astrology, it’s ruled by the planet Mars who was also the Roman god of war) and catapulting you into daring, bold action. But be careful, that can also result in going off “half-cocked” or making impulsive choices.

Likewise, that same energy can trigger a knee-jerk, angry response sorry, but all zodiac signs have their upsides and downsides! Just focus on channeling any anger that bubbles into positive action and into areas you’re passionate about.

Like other fire signs in astrology (Leo and Sagittarius), Aries\’ energy is expansive and energetic. It’s self-motivating and headstrong and brings passion to your emotions and courage in the face of challenges. It’s known as the “me first” sign, perfectly embodied in its astrological symbol, the Ram. Are you starting to get ideas for ways to lasso those horns?

So how can you harness this powerful energy to conjure up some Aries New Moon magic on April 1st?

With any intentional New Moon work, it’s always helpful to know which symbols and associations to draw on. Here are a few to get you started in creating your magical Aries toolkit:

Elemental energy – fire

Colors – bright reds, scarlet, ruby

Gemstones (red) — bloodstone, garnet, ruby, red topaz

Flowers — tiger lily, red poppy, geraniums, red clover, narcissus (that last one fits perfect with Aries’ “me first” energy!)

Essential Oils – rejuvenating, refreshing (peppermint, cinnamon) or sexy (ylang-ylang, sandalwood)

Music – energizing, upbeat

Food/Drink – spicy, ginger-y

Setting up your New Moon ritual space

Whenever I teach or speak about the power of ritual in our lives (the subject of my master’s thesis many years ago), I talk about the four basic elements that must be present to ensure that it’s truly transformative: 

1) declare a clear intention – that’s our theme, Embracing your Inner Warrior

2) activate all your senses – those associations in your toolkit will help here

3) use meaningful symbols – also in your toolkit

4) create sacred space and time – this is where we set up your special ritual space!

Whether you’re creating this sacred lunar space for yourself or with a partner or group, be sure to follow a few basic ground rules: find a private space where you won’t be interrupted, turn off your phone (and any other nearby screens), and make sure you have all of your props and tools before you start. Believe me, it’s definitely annoying to build that powerful New Moon energy then discover you have to run out and grab a missing component.

The idea is to create an environment that feels nurturing, safe, and inviting.

Conjuring up playful or powerful Aries activities

OK, now we get to pull together all of the pieces and create a little Aries lunar magic!

But first, a caveat: don’t worry about doing it right on the date of the New Moon – you’ll get maximum New Moon energy for 3 days before and after, but the Sun is in Aries for a whole month, from March 20 – April 19 this year, so you can tap into it to a lesser degree during that period, too. Just remember, if you really want to work with the intention-setting, “planting seeds” energy of the New Moon itself, it’s best to do it on or after the actual date, in this case, on April 1st. (You can explore more lunar magic details in my New Moon energy article on my website.)

Aries New Moon ritual – Embracing your inner warrior for radical empowerment

The first step is to create your sacred New Moon ritual space with all those powerful symbols, colors, and scents from your magical Aries toolkit. Be sure to also bring with you a small piece of paper, pen, tealight candle, and symbol you can use for your personal power amulet, a piece of jewelry, a crystal, etc.

Then close your eyes and take a moment to reflect on where in your life you feel disempowered, constricted, shut-down. Where are you not speaking freely or stepping into your full power? Write down whatever stands in the way of you feeling fully empowered. Crumple the paper and (safely!) set it on fire, or do it afterward, to burn away those blocks.

Now engage in a minute or so of “Breath of Fire” yogic breathing – short, quick breaths in and out of your nose to stoke the fire of your inner power source. Name the quality, action, or language you need to ignite to embody your full Aries-fueled power. Then carve that with your pen onto the bottom of your tealight and imbue your power amulet with that intention. Now you’re ready to go slay some dragons!


There are so many directions to go when you’re playing with New Moon energy. It definitely takes some preparation – I always joke about the “schlep” factor involved when I’m carting all those things from my ritual toolbox to a workshop or New Moon circle! But creating symbolic actions with a clear intention in sacred space is a powerful addition to some of the more “traditional” goal-setting practices you might have. And frankly, it’s just more fun. Can you see why I call it “sacred play”?

I hope you’ll join me next month as we tap into the energy of the Taurus New Moon on April 30th – that’s right, there are actually TWO New Moons in April, lucky us!

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