Balance and Reconnect

Balance and Reconnect with Rochele Lawson

Have you ever had someone walk up to you and ask you “How are you?” and without even thinking, the words “I’m fine” automatically come out?

Even if a hundred people would ask you that question in one day, your answer would most likely still be the same, and you will simply say “Fine, you?”

But of course, you can’t always be fine. People encounter highs and lows throughout their day and of course throughout their lives.

It is inevitable to feel angry, anxious, scared, nervous, sad, tense, worried, troubled, or unsure. 

Emotions like these can leave you feeling afraid, disconnected, unbalanced, alone, isolated, and off-kilter. 

When this happens, we become unbalanced and end up lacking connection to the goodness, love, happiness, and ebb and natural flow of life. 

When this happens, it can create havoc and upheaval in your life.

In Ayurveda, the belief is that when we become unbalanced and disconnected, we actually open up a gateway for illness and disease to come into our lives.

The best way to circumvent this is to restore balance and reconnect with the essence of your true self and your life path.

So when it feels like your thoughts are going a hundred miles per hour and you feel discombobulated, or like your energy is frenetic and you know you need to calm yourself down and reconnect, what I share next will definitely do the trick.

There’s a fabulous, quick, and easy exercise you can do to restore your balance, ground and calm yourself down, and reconnect to your true essence.

It is called the 5-4-3-2-1 Technique.

This exercise is designed to bring you to the present moment when your mind keeps bouncing about from one anxious and unbalancing thought to another. So when you’re feeling overwhelmed, simply shift attention to your breathing and begin asking yourself these questions:

What are 5 things that you see?

Maybe you notice the way the light is shining through the window or the way the light bounces off the pattern of the wall. Look for the small details that usually escape your attention.

What are the 4 things you feel?

Do you feel the cold ground beneath your feet or how your butt feels in your seat? You can pick up any nearby object and feel the surface with your fingertips.

What are 3 things that you hear?

Listen to the sounds around you. Pay attention to the very close sounds that may be in the distance. Maybe you can hear the bird singing outside your window or the ambulance racing down the street in the distance.

What are 2 things you smell?

This could be the smell of your morning coffee, the smell of perfume in the air, or that piece of fresh fruit sitting on your desk. 

What is 1 thing that you can taste?

Take a bite of something yummy and preferably healthy. Focus your attention on the flavors and see where the sensation takes you.

Once you go through the 5 steps, you will feel and notice an immediate feeling of reconnection, balance, and grounding.

The calm, steady, and focus you will reappear.

Wishing you peace to your mind, wellness to your body, and tranquility to your spirit.



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