Better Business Development Series Part 1

A Better Virtual Coffee: Start a New Relationship That Will Build Your Business, Not Ruin Your Reputation

In this five-part blog series, Founder of The Wellness Universe, Anna Pereira, and CEO of Brave Healer Productions, Laura Di Franco, will be offering their best tips, secrets, strategies, and lessons on business development.

These are topics we’ve lived, breathed, and learned a thing or two about. These blogs are inspired by moments of frustration and inspiration. They are what we want you to know so that as you move forward in this big, bad world of business, you make your way with the most gratitude, love, joy, and success possible!

– Anna and Laura

Today’s discussion, A Better Virtual Coffee: Start a New Relationship That Will Build Your Business, Not Ruin Your Reputation. Why? Because you get one chance to make a great impression and if you don’t understand the etiquette of those first meetings, you could turn off a prospective client or business partner in a big way.

There’s nothing better than making a virtual acquaintance with someone who is a perfect referral. Great introductions and referrals end up in great meetings as long as both parties are following some guidelines for that first meeting. We’ve come up with some simple do’s and don’ts for you here. We’ve seen and heard it all when it comes to great conversations that lead to even greater opportunities. We want you to make every virtual coffee a great one!

So, you’ve been handed a magnificent introduction to someone who you know would be your perfect, ideal client, or possibly a business partner or collaborator. Naturally, you’re excited and want to share with them everything you can about what you do, and how you can help them. Except instead of getting to know your date first, you ask them to marry you on the first date. That’s no bueno.

People want to get to know people they like and trust. You must get to that like and trust before you do one of two things:

1. Make an Ask

2. Tell them what you offer

Relationship building is Business Building

Going into a virtual coffee with curiosity and optimism as your guideposts win returns. You will know if you vibe with them, then the business stuff is easy.   

So here are a few simple tips for creating a virtual coffee that makes business building magic:

  1. Make sure you’re there to genuinely get to know the person, not to sell them something. Your very first intentions and energy matter. 
  2. Make sure you’re asking great questions that help you get to know them. Weigh the conversation. Have both parties spoken?
  3. Make sure you’re listening to your partner’s answers and not thinking about the next thing you’re going to say. People know when you’re actively listening.
  4. Don’t ask someone to “pick their brain” without respect for their services. If you’re setting up a session to get information, it might be more appropriate to ask for a formal paid session.
  5. If your person is being generous and offering a lot of great information that is helping you, make sure you don’t leave that conversation without asking them how you can support them too.
  6. And if all went well, and you really want to step up into creating a value-based relationship, connect them to someone they would love to meet. Vetted introductions always earn 5 stars!

Ensure positive outcomes

These are just a few of the ways to ensure a powerful conversation will lead to a positive outcome. Your goal could be to have a second conversation, offer another free way to connect with them (Facebook or other social or networking group, or your Opt-In freebie). Go into the conversation thinking about how you can help and serve that person and get to know them so well you could recommend them to another. Do that, and follow up with some introductions, and you’ll have a great start to building a relationship that leads to something good for both of you in the future. Remember, great relationships take some time to build. Get in the habit of following up and nurturing those you’re most excited about. And then watch how that grows!

Share with us in the comments:

  • Some tips or strategies you implement on your virtual coffees that are a hit!
  • Have a virtual coffee nightmare? Share it! Although we are curious, please don’t name names.
  • How many virtual coffees do you have a week?

Make sure to stay tuned for Part 2 in this Better Business Development Series: The Impact of Your Personal Choices on Your Business – Your Life Reflects Your Business.

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