Stop saying this to yourself!

We can change our lives in remarkable ways by changing our internal narrative. Too often, we don\’t pay attention to what we tell ourselves. Here are some things to STOP saying to yourself if you are serious about manifesting a better life.

What you attract is a combination of your conscious (5%) and subconscious (95%) beliefs. Like attracts like, simple.

Stop saying this #1

“If I think good thoughts, good things will happen.”

Having a positive attitude is great and a heck of a good start, but your real attitude towards things lies beneath the surface in your subconscious. Your combined beliefs, conscious and subconscious, are what determine the frequency of your vibration, attracting opportunities or challenges to you.

Think of it this way, you are consciously thinking good thoughts with power equivalent to a mouse. But your subconscious manifestations are powered by an elephant. Who do you think is going to win? If you feel that you are battling within yourself, the truth is, you are. On the surface (conscious) it’s all rainbows and unicorns while the undercurrent (subconscious) is loaded with repressed anger, old wounds, and feelings of unworthiness.

An easy way to discern for yourself what your true point of attraction (positive thinking) is, is not so much what you are thinking but more importantly what you are feeling.

Stop saying this #2

“If I’m a good person, good things will happen to me.”

The over-givers, the self-sacrificers God love them! Those generous souls just give, give, give. Many of those loving, caring souls have a deep, dark secret. Behind closed doors, they reluctantly admit to lacking personal fulfilment, satisfaction, and self-validation.  

Let me be clear; giving and being kind is awesome, and feels SO good, BUT it’s a problem when it becomes your primary source of validation, worth, and value. Giving to yourself feels shameful or guilt-ridden and saying no to others feels wrong. 

Essentially, externally sourced validation is the equivalent of a non-renewable energy source. You have to keep giving to feel good and, eventually, you suffer burn out, are resentful, feel unappreciated, and undervalued. You look around and realize that there is little to nothing in your life that reflects what YOU want. Most of your life has been about what others want and not driven by your authentic desires. 

Now, there\’s a huge difference between giving because you WANT to and giving to feel valuable. The latter is an indicator that a part of you doesn\’t recognize your true value.

The most common reason people over-give is that it\’s how they quantify their value. When you pull back on your giving due to time constrictions or self-care needs, you feel your value instantly depreciate. When you want or need to do something for yourself, you feel bad because of this harmful belief structure,

Stop saying this #3

“If I am patient and wait my turn, my dreams will come true”

Yes, patience is a virtue. But if you believe there is some sort of universal ticket system where we all get a number and wait to be called, then you will wait a long time!

The truth is, everything you want that you don\’t already have in your life simply exists outside of your comfort zone. Option 1, you can wait and bide your time until you feel comfortably worthy of these things and release the fears around taking the next step. Option 2, you can expand your comfort zone by shifting your perspective so it can encompass your desires now. 

Yeah, it\’s that simple!

I\’m not saying just believe that you\’re a surgeon and then walk into an O.R. There\’s a balance between expecting miracles and being reasonable. Often our perspective of what’s possible is severely understated; the universe creates unlimited opportunities.

By upgrading your perspective, you expand your field of vision and increase your comfort zone to include previously unattainable opportunities.  

Open the door to your dreams

Believe me when I say you\’d be surprised what is already sitting on your doorstep if you simply shifted your perspective. Patiently waiting for a knock on the door is not going to “earn” you the right to your dreams, opening the door will.

So, how does this unfold in real life? I had a boss who would mock a colleague for her “rose-coloured glasses.” She resented that this person got the bigger office, more support, etc. Our team brought in more revenue so by rights, it “should” have been the reverse. However, this colleague was aligned in a positive way and felt worthy of her desires without the fear of asking for them. She reaped the rewards of her manifestations.  

My boss\’ resentment continued to offer her the short end of the stick, and all that she resented others for having she was void in receiving. She had “waited her turn,” worked hard, yet was left empty-handed.

See the world through a different lens

At the time, I didn\’t understand the law of attraction and the power of belief, but I did know I wanted in. I began exploring how to see the world through a different lens, and I can tell you, it’s amazing how quickly my reality shifted.

If you recognized yourself in the above examples, then you need to address the core subconscious programming that is driving this inner chatter. Healing limiting beliefs is much easier than you think. Everyone can learn to do this. I promise; when you stop saying these things to yourself, you will end your perspective and reap the rewards! It’s not always easy to change our narrative, so don’t be afraid to seek guidance. We all started somewhere but the journey is well worth it!

~ Anik

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