How to Cope Amidst the Gloom

Mother Nature has brought the world to its knees with COVID-19 but not out of a desire to punish, but rather to teach.

She is like a gentle mother that raises her voice ever so slightly at the excessively troublesome toddler but does not lose her tender love towards the child. The next moment she lovingly prepares the baby food in a spotlessly clean bowl. Mother Nature is also the same. She is now getting the cure in place for the COVID-19 disease that she released upon us. Hope will dawn very soon, and we would have learnt many lessons, especially to love and appreciate more and have more compassion for every living thing and respect for our beautiful environment.

In this article, I would like to highlight a technique called ‘Swadishthana chakra meditation’ that came out from the vast field of yoga and tantra.

How to cope amidst the gloom

We cannot deny that what we are experiencing is unprecedented but for every problem there two aspects, the actual situation AND our reaction to it. Global situations come and go in this world and most of the time we are helpless to do anything to control or stop them. However, our reaction to such events is completely in our control. The system of Ashtanga yoga and many other lesser documented techniques, when practiced regularly, can slowly transform us and minimize the negative emotions like fear and anxiety that many of us are in the grip of. It is alright to have fear if faced by a bear in the wild or experience anxiety if your dad is admitted to the ICU but making fear and anxiety a habit for every unexpected event is unhealthy. In fact, many physical and mental diseases get spawned in the body by holding onto fear and anxiety. Many people find it impossible to get rid of these emotions despite attending many self-help programs or consulting a psychiatrist.

The way our brain is wired, we only see what we believe is possible. We match patterns that already exist within ourselves through conditioning.

– Candace Pert Ph.D., Eminent Neuroscientist

A whole new world awaits your exploration

Our inability to control our worst anxieties and fears arises out of our well-accepted belief or world view that we are just a mass of bones, flesh, and chemicals. This conviction automatically makes us also believe that we need another chemical inputted into the body to control these fears and anxieties. Yoga teaches us that we have two more bodies, the subtle and causal, and the subtle body is the source of all these problems. What I am saying is not that outlandish. When electricity was discovered think about the number of possibilities it opened up, from toasters to radios to fans and lights and a whole new world of innovations.

When you open your mind up to the possibility of a subtle body you suddenly enter a new world of self-exploration and physical and emotional healing and you start to understand what Dr. Candace Pert is saying in the quote above. This is the essence of the yogic and spiritual path, exploring for oneself. William James, the great psychologist, said it best, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.” Learning and practicing these ancient techniques will definitely take you to this goal of becoming free from all the repressive emotions like fear and anxiety.

Be well and peaceful.

Om Shanti

– Rajan

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