How to Have Fun While Getting Fit with Your Family

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It’s safe to say that right now our new normal is still something that we’re getting used to. So many things have been affected, with health and fitness being no exception.

With most gyms and fitness studios closed yet again, our new COVID-19 normal is to find ways to exercise within the safety of our homes or our personal backyards.

However, you may find that the energy you used to receive from being in-person at the gym surrounded by like-minded people has been hard to replicate. We all know that accountability buddies make everything more fun, increases our chances of following through, and ultimately, helps us meet our goals.

If today you are struggling with finding a routine that works you, there’s something you can about it, by building a fitness regimen that gets your whole family involved.

Here Are A Few Ways to Have Fun While Getting Fit with Your Family:

  1. Hula Hooping

Not only is hula hooping a great way to exercise, get your heart rate up and strength your core, but it’s something that can be done at any age. Hula hoops can not only be purchased in various sizes for all age groups, but they come in different colors and designs so each person can express their own style.

Choose times to do weekly hula hoop competitions where you can all spend 20-30 minutes trying to see who can hula hoop the longest. Do it a couple times a week to help get the whole family fit while having fun at the same time. Whoever wins gets bragging rights!

  1. Spike Ball

Keep the family competition going with a game of Spike ball. Spike Ball is when you take a miniature trampoline and spike a small ball into the net which then has to be caught by another person. Think of it like volleyball, you don’t want the ball to hit the ground. Each person has up to three hits between them to control the ball and bounce it back off the net.

Not only is this game great for getting you and your family up and active, but requires hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, and it’s harder than it sounds, which only increases the fun. Count points for an ongoing tally and pick a number you want to reach to announce the winner!

  1. Relay Race

Whether you’re inside or outside in your backyard, pick the longest straight line you have access to and create your own relay race. Start in a runner’s sprint on opposite ends with as many teams as you need, running from one side to the other and switching with your partner by giving them a high-five.

If you have a shorter straight line, perhaps each leg is a few times back and forth before switching so you can really get your heartrate up. Don’t forget to limber up before you start and of course, spend time stretching afterwards to cool down. The winner gets to pick what you’re cooking for dinner that night!

  1. Group Chart

Put the power of a calendar to the test by printing out an oversized one and putting it on the wall somewhere in your house. Give each person a different color pen or a genre of stickers, making a key on the side so everyone’s in the loop. Try to get everyone’s favorite active at-home and backyard activities on the key so there’s not only variety, but it’s a collaboration that everyone can get behind.

Ask for brainstorming from your family. Things like soccer, playing kickball, doing racquetball on the side of your house, and bubble-wrap twister are all excellent. You can also ask your family to write their name in with an activity or use a sticker to choose something fit that you all do together. Aim to get to 4-5 days a week where you’re all together as a family, moving and grooving!

When it comes to getting fit, asking your family to get involved can be a great way to build a new habit and have fun at the same time.

In times like these, where we can feel isolated or stuck, it’s important to stay connected to those we love and are closest to. There’s no better way to bond than by getting creative and staying active, so you and your family can all get fit together.

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