How to open your heart to angels

The cars in front of me were driving slowly in a convoy along the country road. Today they did not seem to be in a hurry. “For goodness’ sake, get a move on!” I grumbled out loud “at this rate, I will never get to see my children!” A mixture of anger and desperation arose in me. I have already tried so much to cope better with this separation, and still, my heart seems fit to burst. No therapy method, no flower essences, no therapy talk, and no crystals could help me rid this pain from my soul.

Then I thought of a friend who was constantly trying to cheer me up by suggesting that I ask the angels for help. “What? Do you mean these kitschy little angels from my childhood?” I replied. To which my friend would retort, “You can call them whatever you want, just talk to them!”

There I was in my car, reduced to tears and suffering, crying out loud, literally screaming, “Angels, if you are there, and can hear me, then please, please help me! Now!” Immediately my inner turmoil seemed to stop. I was stunned. “What on earth’s going on?” I instantly felt a heavenly inner peace descending upon me. My tears dried up, and I felt lightness and joy inside me, a feeling I had not known for months. “Angels, is it you? Are you really here for me?” I exclaimed. Even though I heard no reply, the smile on my lips and in my heart was answer enough.[1]

Angelic Beings

Yes, even I was once an angel “newbie.” When I entered school, I decided that angels were nothing more than something for little children. Only through my personal life crisis, which I experienced at the beginning of my thirties, did I discover the angel world for a second time.

At the beginning I was quite skeptical and hesitant. Over time I committed myself to them unconditionally. They became my closest confidants and my most trusted helpers. More and more my trust in the angel world grew, although I still carried a little bit of skepticism; I did not want to stand out and be estranged from the everyday world.

But I experienced angels as wonderful, otherworldly beings, who come from God, from divine source, from the cosmos, from the universe, or whatever we choose to choose to call this power, which has been placed at the side of mankind.

These spiritual beings have never lived on the earth and yet they understand our human problems. Even though human emotions are foreign to the angels, in the spiritual world there are no emotions as we humans know them, they can help us, accompany us, guide us, and protect us.

Angels are depicted in many ways sometimes as sweet, kitschy, and romantic, but also as powerful and strong and intervening in our lives. These are naturally greatly distorted imaginings for the perceptions of humans. An angel is not bound to any outward form; he can assume any appearance he wishes. Such reports have come from people who have perceived angels, from classic angel figures, beings of light, colorful apparitions, to powerful energy waves, and many others.

Angels are powerful beings of a size that far exceeds all human imagination. Similar to the souls of people, they consist of pure light and pure love. If we allow ourselves to have an experience or encounter with them, we would be able to feel how angels actually are.

Making contact with angels

A widely held belief is that we can only make contact with angels through prayer or meditation. In the beginning, that may frequently occur, but when you have on a few occasions, sought honestly and genuinely to contact the angels, then it works instantly, whether upon awakening or going to sleep, when driving a car, cleaning windows, or pulling weeds. Angels are accessible everywhere and, in any situation, because they do not place importance upon ceremonies, prayers, and rituals. An honest approach, an honest request is important to them. If you need prayers, rituals and ceremonies, then certainly do this for yourself. The angels are not against it.

How does this look in practice? Very simple, communicate with the angels as you would with a good friend or as if you are speaking with yourself. You may be assured that you will be seen and heard.

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~ Ingrid

[1] Auer, Ingrid. Divine Power, p. 128, THE WELLNESS UNIVERSE GUIDE TO COMPLETE SELF-CARE (published by Anna Pereira)

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