Inspiring Quote for January 11th by Di Riseborough

Inspiring Quote for January 11th by Di Riseborough #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #InspiringQuote #Clearing

Learn two important steps to clear what is holding you back with the featured Inspiring Quote for January 11th by Di Riseborough.

With all our best intentions and goals, why is it so hard for us to slow down, simplify our lives, and take better care of ourselves? Why do most of our ‘New Year Resolutions’  fall short or peter out?

Why are we so afraid to let go and embrace a new way of being? Is Change really that scary when deep down we really yearn for it?

As a society our drive to attain and keep ‘busy’ comes at a great cost to our soul. We are malnourished when it comes to compassionate self-acceptance, awareness, and care. We yearn for a simpler, less stressful life, but struggle to find it. We ache for balance but can’t sustain it. There is no time to juggle it all, let alone clear the things and thoughts that have caused us to feel so overwhelmed in the first place.

Time to Stop…

Stop and take a good, hard look at who (or what) is taking up space in your life. If you want change to be effective in your life this year it starts with AWARENESS. You can’t change what you are not aware of. We all have blind spots, things we know deep down are swirling away but we avoid looking at for many reasons. Until we do and are completely honest with ourselves we are doomed to pass another year of carrying around what is weighing us down, holding us back from being who really wish to be and living the life we really want.

Each day, we are provided with a number of situations that give us the opportunity to transform ourselves.  Perhaps someone in your life rubs you the wrong way? Perhaps a certain habit or relationship that you know intellectually is not serving you, but that for some reason you can’t seem to get out of?

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