IOTD for March 24th by Anna Pereira

IOTD for March 24th by Anna Pereira #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #IOTD

IOTD for March 24th by Anna Pereira

I remember a time when I wished to be the blond, skinny girl. This was when I was very young and sought the approval of others. I was defensive and felt I always had to prove my worth. The frizzy haired, Portuguese girl on the block. “Portugal? Where’s that? South America?” I felt so different, isolated, bullied at times. I felt I had to be someone different to prove my worth.My life was half living out who I was inside, through my art, and the other half living for who I thought I was expected to be, in order to be accepted.

As I got a bit older and experienced life, became a bit wiser and started taking note of who I respected the most, I found it to be people who were genuine and authentic. They didn’t have to prove anything to me. It opened my eyes to the reality I wanted to partake in, full-on being me!

Sometimes, for a job or place on the team, for example, you do need to prove your aptitude or responsibility for that role for example. It may take preparation, training and certifications. However, you go after these things in life to expand on who you are and your loves and passions. They are, essentially expanding on who you are, inside.

Committing to being your full on you, you may be urging something out from the inside of you; greater than you knew possible! Accept the challenges you choose to. However, you are at the core of YOU and why you do what you do. Serve this. In being authentic to who you are, your actions prove the real you. All of your divine magic, living deep inside if your heart and soul come bursting forth and delight the world!

Don’t allow the expectations of others or perceptions of the judgmental world bring about a false you. Do not be sidetracked or ushered into a line of ‘normal’ or ‘expected.’

You are an amazing, splendiferous and spectacular being, BEing all that YOU are. Follow your natural intuition, imagination and inspiration.

Be you consistently, day in and day out.  This will prove you, authentically, honestly and in alignment with your soul’s purpose. Anyone with eyes wide open will see that. You need not prove who you are to anyone.

– Anna

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