QOTD for March 25th by Timothy Gay

QOTD for March 25th By Timothy Gay #WUVIP #QOTD #QuoteOfTheDay

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for March 25th by Timothy Gay.
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Here is his expanded thought …

Do you often wonder what your value is? It\’s not uncommon. In fact, many people do. We often go through life admiring people for their gifts and talents. They\’re so bold in their approach that they inspire us to do the same. Yet along the way, we get lost in the idea of someone else and we forget who we are. We no longer see value in ourselves because that person we\’ve idolized seems larger than life.

Many people think that they have to be someone else so they can be noticed and appreciated. They think that if they can just imitate them, that they\’ll be liked and loved. It may work for some time, but there will always be triggers that will force them into thinking about what they\’re doing. If they\’re willing to listen to them, they begin to enter into a place of healing.

In a world where we\’re constantly bombarded with images of peak success and peak performance, we get stressed out trying to keep up. We think that the only way to win is to do it just like them, exactly as they\’ve done it. A few people do succeed using that approach, but most get discouraged by being another copycat.

With all of this \’Keeping up with the Jones\’, what\’s the point? Who needs another one of these guys? Yes, there\’s a lot of people in the world who do the same thing. Many successful people who do similar things, if not the same. Many people in the world who do what you do, or are looking to do so. The only thing they don\’t have… is you.

We often forget that we, in our authentic light, have just as much impact on the world as the other successful people. People need your voice as much as they need the other voices. Not everyone connects with every voice, so having a variety to hear is very important. When we try to be someone else, we silence that true voice inside, and a soul gets left behind that needs to hear it. Silencing our own voice is one of the true crimes of humanity. It hurts the world and yourself. Even if you struggle to be authentically you, do it anyway. It\’s always better to be the best version of you than the worst version of someone else.

Yes, there are plenty of successful athletes. Be the best one you can be. Yes, there are lots of amazing life coaches. Your voice and experience have value too. There are amazing people everywhere and you can be one of them too. It\’s been done before and can be done again. So what if it\’s already been done before? It hasn\’t been done by you! It\’s your authentic light that people see, not someone else\’s. Step into your true power now and let the world see your light. It\’s needed now more than ever.


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