Lidia Kuleshnyk Chapter Reading – 25 Tools for Goddesses

Self Care Chapter reading with Lidia Kulelshnyk

Lidia Kuleshnyk reads Chapter 15: Reclaim Your Health: How to Never Be Tired Again from The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Goddesses. Listen and watch the video as she reads it!

Here is an excerpt from the opening of her chapter. Follow along and get immersed in her full chapter reading as you watch and listen to the video below.

“I was born in 1965, a year of powerful change. I was born with chronic health conditions with a constitution that was supposed to seal my fate of dependency and decline and obedience to authority that would determine my quality and length of life. My story is the story of the collective, of the journey from an old paradigm of oppression and control into a new paradigm of freedom and responsibility. A paradigm that recognizes the one within the oneness, that I am neither separate nor distinct, yet ever unique and highly valued. My story is how I reclaimed my health. And in my quest to never be sick or tired again, I learned how to be secure and sovereign. I learned that from nothingness, all is created.

We are living in a time of unprecedented change. This period has been prophesized as a great awakening. At the core of this transformation is the strengthening of feminine power. This Goddess energy is already part of the yin-yang balance of life. It radiates from the trees and trembles in the land.

It howls in the wind, shines in the sun, and glitters in the starry night sky. It is part of the spirals of life. This feminine power exists within every human being. The goddess energy is the force blossoming our evolution from Homo sapiens, an intellectually-based consciousness, to Homo spiritus, a spiritually-based consciousness. This feminine power is yearning to roar.

The patriarchal dominance of the past 2,000 years has had its chance to serve the planet. And since life is ever-changing, the opportunity now exists to evolve into a new paradigm. In this new paradigm of light, the sacred feminine is celebrated, in both men and women, through the honoring of life.

Right now, humanity has the greatest opportunity to return to its original role and responsibility—to be humane, conscious stewards of the planet.”

About the Book:

The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Goddesses Amazon #1 Best Seller in 6 categories features stories and tools from healers, guides, teachers, and wellness professionals around the world to support us to live in our unique Goddess energy.

25 dedicated Wellness Universe experts come together to help you live a life of well-being, confidence, balance, and betterment in this powerful collaboration.

The collective wisdom, expertise, and passion contained in the book is beyond what you can imagine. With the power of their authentic stories and the master teaching of their tools, what you have in your hands supports you to live in your unique Goddess energy from a foundational, whole-person approach.

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