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Chapter reading Lolita Guarin

Lolita Guarin reads Chapter 10: Let Go of The Hot Coal, Learn How to Forgive Yourself and Others with Ease from the #1 best-selling book in several categories on Amazon, The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Goddesses. Listen and watch the video below as she reads!

Lolita opens her chapter with a recollection from childhood that has never left her.

Here is an excerpt:

“I could hear a commotion outside the door, my dog excited, jumping up and down, wagging his tail, barking impatiently, hurrying someone up to come in. The door should be open by now, but all I hear is the key looking for the lock, circling around, scratching the door.

I looked at the clock, and my heart jumped. The time of day my dad came home would predict what kind of state he was in. If he came home at 3 pm, that meant he was sober. If he came around 7 pm, he was too drunk to argue and went right to bed. If he didn’t show up by 9 pm, that meant he wouldn’t be coming home at all that night.

But it’s 4 pm, which means you’ll have no idea what state he’s in. I knew for sure that he wouldn’t be drunk enough to go to bed. That meant, depending on his mood, he could be very happy, making jokes, talking for two hours, or just annoyed with me, yelling, banging the table with his fist, and violent.

I don’t wait until he finds the lock; I rush to the door to open it for him. 

He stumbles in, and my dog is so excited to see him. I serve him dinner. He eats slowly, murmuring some story that I must listen to. Most of the time, I have no idea what he’s talking about, but I can’t leave the kitchen or he will get angry that nobody is listening to him. He pauses as he chews and looks through the window into the distance like he’s thinking about something very important, then agrees with himself nodding his head. I watch him eat. And if I am lucky that day, he’ll go to sleep before my mom comes back home from work. If not, I will need to hear them arguing about him being drunk again, but then at least I can leave the kitchen and listen to them from my room until my dog escorts my dad to bed.

Having an alcoholic father was not a novelty in Lithuania, where I’m from. Many people’s fathers and mothers drink often. It was not easy to survive in the Soviet Union, but we all did the best we could.”

Watch and listen to the video below to experience Lolita’s entire chapter.

Lolita is an expert in stress management. Her self-care tool helps you forgive yourself and others and will change your life.  Her tool will help you release the anger that keeps on burning inside your heart, keeping you away from peace and freedom.

About this book:

25 dedicated Wellness Universe experts come together to help you live a life of well-being, confidence, balance, and betterment in this powerful collaboration.

The collective wisdom, expertise, and passion contained in the pages of the book is beyond what you can imagine. With the power of their authentic stories and the master teaching of their tools, what you have in your hands supports you to live in your unique Goddess energy from a foundational, whole-person approach.

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