Member Interview: Marisa Ferrera

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Today\’s featured member is Marisa Ferrera, Women\’s Empowerment Coach & Mentor
Empowering women to authentically express themselves and create healthy boundaries so they can experience deeper connections and more harmonious family relationships.

Marisa shares with us an introduction about how she is creating a better world through well-being support.

Transformation, wellness, and self-care are only a connection away.

My Personal Story

Growing up in a dysfunctional family where I experienced both emotional and physical abuse, I learned at an early age that it was safer to keep quiet than to speak up. I struggled with no self-confidence, no self-esteem, and no voice.

When I started seeing a counselor in my early 20s, I discovered that in order to protect myself from experiencing pain, I unconsciously shut myself down on an emotional level. I had difficulty connecting with how I felt about anything or anyone.

This realization terrified me. I knew that unless I was willing to unlock the door of the trapped feelings I had buried deep within me, not only would I be unable to experience love for myself or others, but I would also continue to live a very unhappy and lonely life.

Along my journey, I learned about the power of healing from our past and how conflict can be used as a catalyst for creating deeper and more meaningful connections. I decided to turn my pain into my purpose.

I now guide heart-centered women in improving the quality of their relationships with their families and with themselves so they can experience relationships that are in alignment with their heart’s desires.

What Motivates Me?

Since I can remember, I’ve had a deep desire for myself and others to experience harmonious and fulfilling relationships. Because of my past, I have a lot of empathy and compassion for those struggling with their relationships, especially with family members.

I know on a very deep level and from personal experience that no matter how much conflict or drama someone is experiencing within their family relationships, they are capable of healing from their past and can break free from their pain and suffering so they can experience the inner peace and joy they deserve.

It brings me the greatest pleasure to support women along this healing and transformational journey.

My Specialty

Through a powerful and proven, step-by-step process, I support women in breaking free from their fears and the negative family patterns that keep them from authentically expressing themselves and that trap them into saying YES to others and NO to themselves.

I show women how triggers are our teachers and how they can transform conflict into opportunities for healing so they can experience deeper and more meaningful connections with the people they love while honoring their boundaries.


Before working with Marisa, setting clear boundaries was very hard for me. I always wanted everyone to like me, and I used to go to great lengths to keep everyone happy. That only set me up to be emotionally exhausted.

Within a very short time of working through the Create Healthy Boundaries Mentoring Program, I started to realize that boundaries are vital for my health and for managing my relationships. I know now that it is not selfish to take care of myself and my needs while also considering the needs of others. I am pleasantly surprised now that my boundaries are, at their core, about protecting and nurturing my “Yes.”

Thanks to Marisa I have learned to truly honor the importance of setting boundaries in my life, without guilt or shame.


Before I started working with Marisa, I was having difficulty communicating with my daughters and understanding why they pushed me away. As time went on, it got more and more difficult to communicate with them because so much distance had happened as a result of difficult issues with my divorce.

Marisa helped me uncover some feelings that I had from my childhood and major events that caused me a lot of pain. I was able to move forward to a place where I was much more at peace and felt more comfortable in my relationships and dealing with past issues.

It was very scary for me to have a conversation with my daughters about all of this and with Marisa’s help, I learned how I could start a conversation first with my youngest daughter.

Through her coaching and using the tools she shared in her program, I was able to talk about a lot of these things in a very authentic way.

All in all, it was a really great experience and I highly recommend this program to other people who are having issues with their family, maybe friends that they’ve had difficulty communicating with so they can create healthier and happier relationships with those people.


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