Messages from the Light – Do You Know Who You REALLY Are?

Do You Know Who You REALLY Are?

Do you know that you are so much more than what or who you think you are and so much more than what or who others say you are?

If you only knew how magnificent you are, how capable, how powerful; you would be as amazed as we are.

We bow to your courage in choosing to come to earth to experience physical form and duality. Yes, you did choose to be here even though many of you forgot. You are in the process of remembering not only who you are but why you are here at this time. For there is no mistake; you have a purpose and your purpose is to find what brings you joy and to share this with the world. As you share your joy, you share your Light and help others do the same.

Is this not why you are here reading this in this very moment? Something inside of you has been calling and you are responding to this call, or you would not have found yourself here. Do not worry if you do not understand for this will come. Instead, celebrate that you are here, and you are beginning to awaken more and more each day. We are dancing for joy as we witness your awakening for we know what transformation lays ahead for you.

Do not be frightened by what you do not understand for as you continue to walk this path, you will remember more and more. You are not alone. We are here with you, guiding you ever so gently.

Marisa’s Musings

I have to admit that when I first heard that I chose to come to earth; that I chose to be born, I wasn’t ready to accept this as the truth. Even though my mind couldn’t wrap itself around this concept, it made me curious, and I was open to exploring this idea more and more.

I’m so happy that I didn’t reject it and walk away from the possibility that it could be true. As I began to open up more and more to new understandings and new thoughts about humanity and spirituality, my life began to expand and evolve in such incredible ways.

It took, what seemed to me, a long time before I was able to see myself as magnificent, capable, and powerful. I had to let go of the thought that seeing myself this way meant I was arrogant. I had to let go of many other limiting beliefs and thoughts I picked up throughout my life and adopted as my own; thoughts that told me the exact opposite.

There are still times when I slip back into my old thoughts and need to be reminded about who I really am and when I own this truth, I feel so much happier, and I experience less struggle and fewer challenges in my day-to-day life.

As I continue to learn and grow, my life keeps getting better and better and I now know, without any doubt, that this is available to everyone who chooses to walk this path.

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