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Chapter Reading Ingrid Auer

Ingrid Auer reads Chapter 22: Your Angel Team, Clearing Your Baggage and Blocks with Divine Assistance from the #1 best-selling book in several categories on Amazon, The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Goddesses. Listen and watch the video below as she reads!

Here is an excerpt from the opening of her chapter:

“I still remember him very well. His name was Walter. He was a small, unimpressive man and had taken up residence in my kinesiology practice as an astrologer. I was naturally curious to learn from him what I had planned for my earth life as a soul. “Ingrid, you will be working with a lot of women; I can see that in your birth chart.” “Me, with women? After all, I’m not a gynecologist, a midwife, a women’s coach!” But Walter was right. In the course of my kinesiological work over two decades, 95% of my clients were women.

At the same time, angels entered my life. At first, I perceived their presence skeptically and cautiously, but they have become the center of my life over the years. In 1998 I received an order from the spiritual world to bring spiritual tools “from heaven to earth.” On the one hand, to open people’s hearts and, on the other hand, to provide them with spiritual tools for healing their souls. Help for self-help, so to speak.

When my work with angels became more and more known and spread over Europe to the USA, Central, and South America, Japan, and Australia, I gave up my kinesiological work. I was busy starting a small company and bringing my spiritual tools to the world in the form of highly energized symbols and essences. It’s not surprising that all my employees are women; my father and my husband are the only male supporters in my company.

Also, as a lecturer, seminar leader, or coach, I was to work almost exclusively with women, although I had no influence over that. It just happened that way. I think of the wonderful and profound women’s seminars or women’s rituals I’ve held for various countries with great joy. 

So, what Walter predicted for me many years before came true. Even when I walk through rooms where my spiritual tools stand in rows on shelves waiting for their journey into the big wide world, the topic of femininity and womanhood runs like a thread through all the different products. 

The majority of my angel essences, oils, and aura essences focus on female issues, such as hormonal problems, pregnancy, childbirth, menstruation, female sexuality, or menopause. But there are also some which rebalance the various emotional injuries in a woman’s life on the spiritual level. It doesn’t matter if these are female emotional problems being dealt with as a toddler, schoolchild, teenager, young adult, wife, mother, girlfriend, lover, or grieving widow. 

What particularly fascinates me is the relationship between the subtle energy centers in the female body and spirituality. If they are blocked, our entire life is blocked. Therefore, this is my call to you:

Isn’t it time to free your female chakras from the old ballast of your clan, your childhood, and your present life?

What would it be like to once and for all discard old beliefs and patterns that no longer belong to you?

How would it be to start clearing out and throwing off ballast before your energy system collapses?

What would it be like to discover a new, free, loving, and joyful approach to your own female body?”

Ingrid Auer is one of Europe’s leading mediums, channeling messages and energized symbols and essences from the angels and ascended masters, as well as from Mary Magdalene and her companions. Since 1998 she has been writing spiritual books, which she has received as a medium. 

About The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Goddesses:

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