QOTD for September 7th by Zoe Escher

QOTD for September 7th by Zoe Escher #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for September 7th by Zoe Escher.
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Here is her expanded thought …

When I was younger I was not always happy with my life, and when things did not go quite as expected I had an expectation that something from the outside world would come and rescue me.

As I found out later in life, nobody is coming to rescue you. The only one who is responsible for what happens in your life is yourself. I also found out that it does not pay to worry about the future. Often my life has taken some unexpected twists and turns, so the concerns I had never become reality.

When I became aware that the only way that I can influence the future in the direction I want it, this gave my life a whole new dimension. The fact that I could design the future in accordance with my values and desires opened up many new possibilities.

It demanded that I sat down and reflected on my life for what worked, what I should say goodbye to, and what new things I wanted in my life.

I chose to go throughout my life and take a close look at the main areas of it. It was a long process but it was all worth it. My life has become very simple, straightforward, and the things I enjoy doing now has so much space. I also chose to clean up my relationships and some I have had to say goodbye and others have been added.

For the past several years, I sat down in December and reviewed my life and made goals for what I want to achieve in the upcoming year which has really made an impact on my life.

Being specific and doing my best in the moment here and now opens up more for new opportunities in the future. I have made quantum leaps which I did not think was possible.


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