Seeking Serenity Part 7/7: Living as a Soul-Infused Personality

In meditation this morning, two dots connected into a profound insight. First dot: I recalled a conversation with my friend telling me about dog rescues: “You look the dog straight in the eyes to establish you are the alpha and tell the dog, ‘You’re safe. I’ve got you. You’re ok now.” Second dot: My soul, the wise part of myself connected to God the Infinite, told my small, ego-self, “You’re safe. I’ve got you. You’re ok now.” 

Suddenly, the analogy made me understand a new facet of the both/and ego-spirit paradox of the human condition. A dog might act aggressively out of fear. My ego-personality might act aggressively out of fear. My alpha-soul is taking care of my ego-personality. I’m safe. My soul is in charge. God’s got my back. Relaxation flooded over me. Tight muscles unwound in my neck. I sighed deeply. Yes!

When we allow the soul’s higher consciousness to permeate the hard outer shell of the ego, we experience living in grace. Our natural state of inner well-being percolates through from the center and we can respond to the complexities of life with more calm and joy.

In the last six months, this Seeking Serenity blog series has shared excerpts from my book, Seeking Serenity: How to Find Your Inner Calm and Joy. We outlined tools to integrate body, emotions, mind, and spirit and infuse the soul’s higher consciousness into ego-personality.

Here is a quick review of the key points in the Seeking Serenity book and blog series:

Body Awareness: A foundational ingredient to staying in the higher flow of inner calm and joy is to get out of your head and into your heart. Raising awareness of your physical body by getting into your body’s flow and rhythm feels liberating and joyful. Try body-soul movement. Allow your mind to observe how your body wants to move without judgment. Practice self-healing exercises from the blog post Seeking Serenity: Body Awareness – Your Inner Healer, (6/29/21) to nurture and enhance your relationship with your physical body.

Emotional Awareness: Increasing your Emotional Intelligence – EQ will help you de-stress by reframing the meaning you give the events in your life. As you rewrite your stories, you give yourself permission to let go of the drama and suffering. Rewriting your story changes how you feel about what happened, and that makes a difference for you emotionally. When you observe your emotions flowing through, you can experience choice over the emotions you prefer to embrace. Read more about rewriting your stories in Seeking Serenity: Emotional Awareness- Raising Your EQ (7/29/21.)

Mental Awareness: As you become mindful of your thoughts and align your ego-mind with the higher spiritual authority of Divine Mind, you gain inner peace and serenity. Toggle between ego mind and soul to focus on what you DO want. With your toggle open to Divine Mind, you can access your creative wisdom and access higher-level solutions. When toggling to the soul becomes a habit, you can switch the screen of your awareness more gracefully to feel better faster. For thoughts on toggling to your natural state of inner well-being, read Seeking Serenity: Mental Awareness – Toggle to Stillness (8/29/21)

Spiritual Awareness: As you align body, emotions, and mind with your spiritual center, you begin to live in moment-to-moment awareness that you are a wave in the ocean of God. You are not the entire ocean, but your wave rises, flows, and returns to Source. You are not separate from the ocean. Living in the paradox as both an individual and a part of the whole can create some boundary issues, especially for empaths. Where does your energy start and stop? For tips on becoming mindful of your energetic bio-field as you flow into soul’s oneness with all creation, check out Seeking Serenity: Spiritual Awareness- Empaths (9/29/21.)

My hope for you is that becoming aware of the spiritual nature within every cell of your body, every emotion, and every thought will bring you a deep level of peace and serenity. I invite you to practice using this solid set of tools to strengthen your inner spiritual core muscles. When your ego-personality loses your center (which it will as part of the human condition), you can regain your center gracefully, easily, and joyfully by re-connecting to your alpha-soul. I hope that when you add these tools to your tool kit and integrate your soul-infused personality, you will align with your higher purpose and create something larger than yourself.

Here is a meditation to support and inspire your journey:

When more and more people become soul-infused personalities by aligning body, emotions, mind, and spirit, we will have a much different world. When you are connected through your soul to God the Infinite and source of wellbeing, you will treat your body as a holy temple of the spirit. When you are living as a soul-infused personality, you will listen to and treat yourself and other people with more respect and compassion. When you experience yourself as a wave in the ocean of creation, you will treat the Earth with respect and wonder. When we have a tribe of people living as soul-infused personalities, we will set a tone for the next seven generations of children to thrive.

When your vision becomes more powerful than your memory,
your future becomes more real than your past.

~Roger Hamilton

In next month’s blog post, we will look at The Art of Jazz Living: Overcoming Challenges with Grace, Ease, and Joy. This is the title of the chapter I wrote in Vol. 4, The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self Care: 25 Tools for Goddesses coming out in December 2021.

(This article concludes the Seeking Serenity blog series excerpts from Seeking Serenity: How to Find Your Inner Calm and Joy, by Leah Skurdal, available on Amazon.)

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