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Your Stars by Anna Pereira #WUVIP #confidence #Selfworth #empowerment

We are here with a divine blessing of being us. You are you, I am me, and no two people are identical.  Nor would two people agree on all things all the time. Can you imagine if you were told, “Yes! I agree! That\’s wonderful!”, all day, by everyone? How could you possibly trust that they are being sincere with you? You may even feel like, how can they grow as a person if they do not provoke a new thought? That is an extreme example, of course.

But what happens when we feel alone and misunderstood and seek the support from someone we love dearly?  “Perhaps they didn\’t hear me? Perhaps they don\’t believe in me?” is what we hear in our head.

That feels terrible.

Your thoughts, your feelings, your hopes, dreams, actions, aspirations, things you enjoy doing, are to be shared with someone else. It feels painful when we do not have someone there who we thought would be with us, supporting us, enjoying the event with us … but that\’s ok… It\’s not their \’thing\’.

How you feel when someone contests you, belittles you or laughs at you is dependent on how much confidence and self love you have in yourself.

Yes, some days are harder than others, and if you are confronted with a situation like this on a bad day, it can seem much worse … but you will bounce back. Don\’t allow a \’Star Stealer\’ to misguide you.

Strengthen your heart and spirit to boost your soul onto a plane of energy, vibrating so high that negativity cannot bring it down… for long.

Work on your confidence, your empowerment.

Knowing your individual thoughts and actions, when done from a heart-centered space, can not be condemned.

Integrity. Love. Honesty.

When you put those three things into what you do and your actions in that loving transparent space, you will build your confidence.

When you react to bend to someone\’s criticism, not being genuine, without integrity, as to not feel alienated, guilty or ashamed, you will walk away knowing you have given a small piece of you up. To be what THEY wanted, would be sacrificing a star in your sky to them. If you keep giving away your stars, your sky will be barren with nothing to marvel at.

Hang on to your stars, they make you brilliant!

Be confident in your ideas, thoughts, dreams, wishes and actions … THESE ARE YOUR STARS in YOUR sky. They shine and twinkle with their unique way. They light up your heart and fire your imagination!

Lay on the grass and cherish each one. They are a blessing to behold and each tell a story of YOU.

So … as you appreciate and feel the love shining on you from all of your stars, you will feel the presence of those who like to look upon your stars with you too and say “Wow. You are pretty special.”

And they would never steal not one of your stars, for they know, once removed from your sky would never shine for them.

Shine on. Be brilliant and when they don\’t understand you, agree with you or you feel less than loved… switch that feeling and remember all of your stars are for you to admire and those who enjoy the sight are those meant to see them.

Bright Magical Blessings

Anna xo

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