The Angels Help – How Archangel Gabriel brings light and clarity into your life

I am sure you have heard about the law of reflection, a cosmic law which is also called law of correspondence. What you experience in the outer world, no matter whether it is positive or negative, is always a reflection of yourself: a reflection of your inner self, your thoughts, your beliefs, and your personal truths. The reflecting situations in the outer world can only reflect what is there. As these findings can sometimes be unpleasant, ask Archangel Gabriel to show you lovingly how you can make corresponding changes.

The energy of Archangel Gabriel is closely connected to processes of clarification, decision-making, and purification. The color white stands for transparency, purity, clarity, and simplicity. Archangel Gabriel is not only a bringer of light but also supports all physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual cleansing processes. His name means “God’s strength” or also “God has shown himself,” his angelic ray and his angel symbol are white.

To connect closely with him, you can use the affirmation: “I realize that the outer world is a reflection of myself

Most important aspects of Archangel Gabriel’s comprehensive sphere of action are:

Bringing light into the world; allowing clarity; recognizing and accepting the truth; making pending decisions; meditating and reflecting; drawing conclusions for oneself and one’s behavior from other people’s reflections; cleansing; checking present knowledge and maybe replacing it with new findings; new orientation; conception; working with crystal clear, subtle energies; and self-reflection.

With the help of Archangel Gabriel, you can recognize and change the following blocks and behavior patterns, such as:

* being emotionally poisoned

* having to face doubts

* dithering

* being stuck in a hopeless situation

* not seeing clearly

* blocked readiness to conceive

Archangel Gabriel can also be helpful:

* to bring clarity in decisions

* to see one’s life plan more clearly

* to throw light on a confusing situation

* to cleanse oneself from emotional burdens

* to get to know oneself better through one’s social environment

* to support clarifying processes

* to support detoxification processes on different levels

Short Message from Archangel Gabriel:

Items of art often show me holding a white lily, which represents purity and innocence. These are only some of the areas where I support you. I also send you my energies in confusing situations, if you don’t know how to go on, if you cannot make any clear decisions, when burdening emotions wear you down and when you are unable to let go of somebody or something. Clarity, truth, and truthfulness are attributes of the New Age. There is no spiritual development without these.

Archangel Gabriel’s energy is also available as Angel Aura Essence that works on the chakras and subtle bodies, e.g. in:

  • correlation to the etheric body: the whole etheric body in connection with the physical body; readiness to   conceive
  • correlation to the mental body: clarifying communication
  • correlation to the emotional body: becoming clear about one’s feelings
  • correlation to the spiritual body: spiritual cleansing and clearing on all levels (aura, chakras, morphogenetic field, etc.)


Sit down or lie down, make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Imagine how a pure, clear light descends upon you and envelops your body. It is the light of purification. In your mind’s eye get up and stand beneath this shower of light. Like a waterfall of the purest clarity the light bubbles down all over you. Feel how all the impurities and toxic substances are washed out of your body. You already feel much fresher. Let the purification go even further, into the depths of your very soul. Let all the tension and stress be washed away, too. You feel your skin tingling and your pores begin to breathe. You feel reborn.

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