The Art of Jazz Living: Share Your Voice

Share your Voice with Leah Skurdal

When has your voice made a difference in someone’s life?

When I was 19, I struck a friendship with a drummer playing in the bar where I waited tables. After the band’s last set, the drummer and I continued our conversation about God, religion, and spirituality over pots of coffee at an all-night diner. He was older and wiser, maybe 23, and I hung on every word. After we left the diner at 4am, I never saw him again. I don’t remember his name or the name of the band, but I remember how the conversation ignited a spark of curiosity in me to learn about spiritual growth. That was my first spiritual awakening.

Have you had the opportunity to ignite a spark of curiosity in a young or not-so-young mind? Like my drummer friend, you may never know the difference you made in someone’s life.

You might share your unique voice in a multitude of ways: 

  • a compliment that lightens another’s heart
  • a phone call that gives someone the courage to persevere in a challenging situation
  • a letter of encouragement that changes the trajectory of someone’s life
  • a handmade quilt to warm someone’s body and soul
  • a painting to inspire beauty and appreciation
  • a random act of kindness to rekindle someone’s hope in humanity
  • a prayer to restore someone’s faith

Can you accept with humility that you have a unique contribution to bring to the world that no one else can make? Humility rests in the center between self-doubt and arrogance.

Sharing your unique voice with the world bubbles like a spring of freshwater from Source to nourish you and those around you.

Sharing your unique voice is an act of self-love.

Self-love is not the same as narcissism. Self-love is the healthy habit of valuing your wellbeing, your voice, and your contribution. Narcissism stems from low self-esteem and a constant need for external assurance and adoration.

Sharing your unique voice to make the world a more lovely place comes from allowing Divine Love to express itself uniquely through you.

When you are with another person can you listen with the ears of your heart to what the other person needs in the moment? Then share what intuitively springs into your heart. This won’t necessarily sound like what you think the other person needs or what your ego wants to say. It might not sound like pounding someone with your opinion. Perhaps sharing your unique voice will require deep listening. Perhaps Divine Love wants to use your unique voice to share beauty or kindness or love with the world.

Sometimes I notice that my voice sounds harsh and critical when I am not allowing Divine Love to bless me or use me as a vehicle to bless others. When I’m aware, I can pause, and push reset to find my center and realign with Divine Love expressing as me and through me. I love when my voice adds beauty and inspires others to bring forth their inner beauty and divine essence.

Can you allow your voice to weave a new narrative and contribute a new harmony?

Can you take space and then make space for others to shine?

Sharing your unique voice, then stepping back to collaborate with others, are two parts of a jazz living mindset.

When we adopt a jazz living mindset, we can strengthen our resilience muscles by responding to life’s challenges with practiced agility and flexibility, much needed skills in today’s rapid pace of change.

Finding Resilience in Jazz Living

  • Find your rhythm
  • Reconnect to your inner wisdom
  • Listen for your groove
  • Share your voice
  • Step back and collaborate

To learn more about Finding Resilience Through Jazz Living, check out my WU Profile page for information about my upcoming programs.

Here is a guided meditation to align with Divine Love Blessing Through You.

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