The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Don Shapiro

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Don Shapiro


Enjoy The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Don and find more inspiration on his page. Here is his expanded thought…


Everyone goes through struggles and difficulties during their life. Sometimes we find ourselves in a room without windows or doors. We don\’t see any options, choices or paths out of where we are at. That is an illusion created in our own mind. A new window, new perspective and new awareness awaits beyond our emotions when we allow our inner wisdom to guide us. That is where you will find a path to a better place.

The more options we can see, the greater the chance one of them will be the best for us. If you can\’t see it, you can\’t use it to make a better choice. The view beyond your walls is actually there whether you can see it or not. There are choices waiting to be find even if you can\’t think of them. You just need to build some new windows.

To see our options, sometimes we have to stop trying so hard. Forcing, trying and pushing so often block us from seeing all our choices. Create some type of change in what you are doing. Take a break. Do something different. Relax. Laugh. Turn off the computers, phones, and TV for a while so you can enjoy the real world. Divert your mind and emotions from the situation so that you can free yourself to see what you now can\’t see. When you take the focus off of the issue and return to it, new windows appear with new views that weren\’t there before.

Don\’t expect the best options to always be something you like or desire. Sometimes, the best way out of a situation is to start down a path that you don\’t like. Maybe you have even been resisting this choice in the past because you felt there had to be a better one. It might be that the very path you have been resisting is the one that will allow you to find a way out.

This actually happened to me recently. I kept resisting a choice because it really was quite unpleasant. Wanted to avoid it and hoped for something better. Finally was forced to make a choice and took that path. Turned out I should have done it two years ago. Suddenly, all kinds of other things changed and everything fell into place.

Just one choice, one step, one action changes how we see everything around us. Suddenly new windows appear, new options, new opportunities and new ways to approach things. And sometimes, the first unpleasant choice is the key that unlocks a rainbow of other options.

Some people pay too much attention to what I call their “den of chatter” comprised of their emotions, desires, inclinations, likes, dislikes, ego and more all competing for attention and dominance. They have trouble turning it down and turning it off. To people like this, even the windows that do exist appear smeared and dusty so they can\’t clearly see what\’s outside. They see a murky swamp to be avoided instead of the turquoise blue lagoon that\’s really there.

Once you accept the fact that there are always more choices then you are aware of right now, you can move from where you are to a place where you can see them. If you stand in front of your home and look around, you see everything from that vantage point. If you move to the left or right only a few feet, suddenly you will see things that were not visible before. Change your view, change your perspective, change what your mind is focused on and you can discover more paths to consider that will help you change your situation.


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