The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Heather Corinne Lang

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Heather Corinne Lang

A interesting perspective on self care as it relates to taking responsibility for your SELF. Our quote of the day from Heather, followed up with a brilliant expanded thought that really makes you think….

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Many of us are just “going through the motions” of everyday life. We are doing what is expected of us, versus what\’s truly in our best interests. From jobs to family, we are following the patterns of our ancestors. We may feel as if we are being “the adult” or “being responsible”, but are we? Are we doing what is needed only, without doing what we truly desire? Are we blaming others for our unease, discomfort, imbalance or unhappiness? Then we are not taking responsibility for ourselves. Yes, the bills may need to be paid, but if we are paying the bills with money earned in a job we don\’t like, it can cause us to be unhappy. If we are unhappy, this is similar to blaming another for our unhappiness. It is like stating, “If only I could leave this place, I would be happier.” You are complaining about the job, and essentially giving them responsibility for your unhappiness. You are giving your power away. And when we give our power away, we are unhappy.

We can take responsibility for ourselves in this situation by changing our attitude or changing our job. By changing one or the other, we are starting to take responsibility and our power back. We can begin to see our lives more clearly. We can begin to discover what we would rather be doing to earn income. We can look for those avenues and follow them. We can begin small and build on it, or take the plunge and go for it. Remember, our paths will lead wherever the most energy is placed, therefore, if we put that energy into our passion, our lives will change. That\’s what our true life path is all about – taking responsibility for ourselves and doing what we are truly meant to be doing, because it is our passion. Our passions are our true inherent gifts and are intended for us to bring in abundance and prosperity. When we follow our passion, we are more balanced, peaceful and more fulfilled, creating our happiness from within. And ultimately, we are not working for a living…we are living and thriving our passion.

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