The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day By Sheri Bessi

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day By Sheri Bessi

A beautiful quote of the day from author Sheri Bessi and follow up, expanded thought inviting you to a new awareness to live in love and light.

Sheri Bessi WU 39

As it turns out, I am contagious. Oh and by the way, so are you.

What I have discovered is that when I am in a good mood, so are those around me. When I am practicing love, peace and kindness, I find those around me quickly follow suit.

It goes the same for when I’m not so sparkly. When my attitude is snarky, what do I find all around me? More snarky people. When I’m irritable, suddenly everyone around me seems to be irritable too. When I am being rude or disrespectful I find that this attitude is reflected right back at me.

Yes, everything I project out is exactly what starts to surround me. The good and the bad. And guess what? I’m sure if you think about this, it’s true for you too.

So give what you want to see change. BE the humans that you are designed to be. I suspect that by doing so, this will be contagious too!

“You are born of the stardust from outer space. A member of the rare and noble sentient human race. By all means SHINE.” ~ Sheri Bessi


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