The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Susanne Heaton

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Susanne Heaton

Inspirational Speaker, Award-Winning Children\’s Author Susanne Heaton expands on her original quote of the day below. Thank you for your wisdom and your scientific examples of how nature shows us so much of ourselves. It\’s exciting and thought provoking to read your expanded thought ….

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Nature gives us signs and can speak to us if we are willing to use all of our senses. Our society has become so busy and noisy that it is difficult to understand what nature is trying to communicate. If we turn off all that background noise for a moment and head out into nature, what would we experience? Here are two brief examples.

Consider the symbolism of the butterfly. A butterfly starts its life as an egg, hatches into a caterpillar, cocoons into a chrysalis, and then finally is transformed into the winged beauty it is. There are phases in its cycle of life just as there are in our own. If you feel stuck, know it’s just a phase in the unfolding of your own transformation.

Nature also shows us the importance of cooperation. A group of scientists decided to study deer to determine who the leader in the group was. What they discovered truly surprised them. Once 51% of the herd’s heads pointed in the direction of the next watering hole, the entire herd started moving towards it. The scientists thought this was a fluke so they repeated the experiment several times. Every single experiment produced the same results: The deer led through consensus. This same phenomenon can be seen in schools of fish as well as starlings in flight. This is nature showing us so beautifully what can happen when we cooperate.

What other examples can you think of that nature shows us with such ease and grace? Here is to feeding your body, mind and spirit daily by being fully present to the wonders of the great outdoors.

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