What is The Wellness Universe?

The Wellness Universe is your resource for health, wellness, well-being, and transformation. We serve and support professionals who make the world a better place and individuals and groups who seek their best life.

A woman owned company; having the vision in 2013, Anna Pereira launched the first directory in 2015 bringing together a community of members making the world a better place to be found by those seeking their best life. The Wellness Universe has grown since then to be a one-stop shop for total wellness support! We are a vetted community, online directory, book publisher, resource center, event producer, content platform, and so much more, supporting whole-health and well-being on a global scale.

The Wellness Universe is a home that connects industry professionals in the health, wellness, and wellbeing fields to seekers of total well-being. WU provides our WU World-Changer members with peer support, The Wellness Universe produced events (live and online), projects, visibility, business mentoring, and community. Through The Wellness Universe, our WU World-Changer members serve WU Friends, seekers of health, wellness, and transformation, with coaching, workshops, content, and more.

The Wellness Universe provides individuals and groups seeking their best lives with access to our members, wellness content, educational resources, and guidance in all areas of wellness to transform visions of how they want to live life.

Through the directory, WU Featured BlogSoulTreat wellness retreat, Self-Care Books, group well-being programs, and online learning center, and The Lounge, The Wellness Universe provides many avenues to support whole health, mind, body, spirit and planet.

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The Wellness Universe vision is, quite simply, world peace. We believe this is achieved by supporting, empowering, and celebrating wellness professionals and World-Changer leaders around the globe. If we systematically and practically support leaders, provide them with a community and a platform through which to share their passion, message, and expertise, they will be positively and profoundly affected and this in turn will increase their reach, impact, and ability to educate and inspire true and lasting whole health in people the world over. The Wellness Universe is a catalyst for this.


The Wellness Universe (WU) mission is to revolutionize the wellness industry and ultimately what wellness means, how we incorporate it into our lives, and how we access and share wellness resources. Through our leading-edge online directory and platform, we make resources for self-help, empowerment, and connection to an evolutionary global wellness community easily accessible, all under one WU umbrella. We believe that in connecting to one another in the pursuit of whole health and well-being, personally and professionally, will cause a ripple effect that will ultimately inspire peace globally.

Meet the Woman Behind The Wellness Universe!

Laura Di Franco, CEO of Brave Healer Productions, and publisher of the best-selling series The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Stress Relief, and 25 Tools for Happiness introduces us to the woman behind The Wellness Universe.

Anna Pereira is the Founder of The Wellness Universe, and CEO of Soul Ventures, a woman-owned business, where her mission is to make the world a better place. She’s an inspirational leader, mentor, and connector for business owners who are changing the world. As an author and creator of wellness events, projects, and programs, Anna is an expert at showcasing, promoting, and supporting the world’s most talented wellness professionals. Anna lives between Europe and her birthplace, New Jersey, USA with her husband, sports expert and investor, Hugo Varela. The couple have adopted pets (one dog and two cats), and often care for strays. Big Red, their African Gray, loves to speak English and Portuguese, and is the ruler of the house. Anna enjoys turning on the creative flow when time allows by painting, writing, and creating custom T-shirts and jewelry. She’s dedicated to serving her calling and leaving her legacy as a ‘conduit for change’ by bringing more health, happiness, and well-being to the world with a collaborative spirit and intentional action.

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The Wellness Universe is here to serve your best well-being. If you are experiencing anxiety, grief, overwhelm, guilt, anger, or seeking ways to cope and get help for stress, relationships, parenting, or any other issue during this challenging time, we have wonderful resources for you to connect with. Our WU Best Help members are offering reduced rates, sliding scale payment options, and even pro-bono sessions.
WU Best Help

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