10 Tips to Help You Honor Your Health Commitment

To keep the body in good health is a duty; otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.  — Buddha

You are owning your self-care and enjoying the results.

Your life is going well, and you plan to “…,” when unexpectedly life happens outside your control. This setback stops all that you’ve been doing regarding healthy self-care.

Does this scenario resonate with your life? Welcome to being alive!

Truthfully, at some point or another, most of us land here in setback land for a season. It’s part of the process of living, which teaches us how to be resilient, compassionate, and find solutions, while we’re in the midst of frustrating circumstances or life challenges.

In the space of resistance and setbacks, learning takes shape and from here, gathering personal persistence through commitment.

Thankfully commitment is a learned behavior that is available to each of us. It requires us to grow and strengthen our attention and intention so we can create and live a healthy lifestyle that resonates with us. Follow the abundant health tips shared below to help guide you and achieve your health commitment.

Here Are 10 Tips to Help You Honor Your Health Commitment:

  1. Know Your “Why.”

Knowing from the depths of your soul why health and wellbeing personally matter, will set the foundation for staying committed. Get started by asking yourself some empowering questions.

Ask yourself, “Why are my health and wellness important?” When you come up with your first answer, continue your “curious question” drill until you no longer have another response, or you feel a profound sense of clarity around your original “why.” The further you go, the more you’ll be aligned and committed. This is your foundation for growth.

  1. Create and Commit to One Small Health Habit at A Time.

Taking on several health actions all at once can leave you distracted and stressed, especially if your life gets busier than it already is. When life overload happens, your best intentions may take a nosedive, leaving you waylaid, once again. Commit to one action/behavior and learn to consistently do just that. Your confidence and ability to take on other actions will flourish as you find success staying committed to just the one action.

  1. SMART Goal It!

This step follows step two for a reason. Setting broad-based goals such as, “I want to get in shape and exercise consistently during the week” will really set you up to fail. Why? A broad-based goal misses the personal components, that when included by you, put you in the driver’s seat. A goal needs to be real and SMART; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

Here is an example of what a SMART Goal looks like: “I am going to walk and jog (a specific type of exercise) on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 6am for 30-40 minutes.”

You’ve now provided specific details of the SMART Goal by specifying which type of exercise, the days and time in which you’ll exercise, and the duration, giving a personable measurable action to a broad-based goal.

  1. Setbacks Happen.

Part of the process of learning commitment is understanding and being okay with setbacks as part of living life. Reframe your outlook from the worst-case scenario or labeling it as “bad,” to one of you being resilient and picking up where you left off pre-setback.

  1. Share What You Are Doing with A Friend or Partner.

Enlist support and share what you are doing with a group or an accountability partner. Studies have shown that being part of a community proactively influences outcomes and health.

  1. Notice Your Self-Talk Dialogue.

Do you currently use put-downs or power words when it comes to your self-talk? Start by noticing if your self-talk is deprecating, and if so, please stop! Negative self-talk shuts the door on your dreams and goals as you focus on “shoulding” yourself. This may seem motivating, however, over time, this is demotivating and will create a holding pattern.

Use powerful self-talk words in place of putdown self-talk words like, “I am going to do this.” “I am capable and make gains each time.” “I am proud of my journey.” “This is hard work, and I have what it takes to stay on course.”

  1. Celebrate Yourself.

Celebrate your successes by giving yourself a reward! If your health goal is to workout, purchase workout gear for your specific activity. This sends an energetic message that you see health as a top priority, versus a low priority – or worse yet, an afterthought.

  1. Schedule Your Workouts.

You easily schedule other appointments on your smart devices or physical calendar so why not schedule a time for you? Like purchasing and wearing dedicated fitness clothes and shoes, this action says I matter and what I want is important. This action is a commitment increaser!

  1. Make a Personalized Master List of Healthy Foods.

Create a master list of foods that are not only healthy but also ones you enjoy eating, as it will make it easier to food shop and meal plan. Once you have this master list, staying organized and on task is more manageable, and the guesswork is taken out of what to eat each week. If it’s an option in your city, check out online grocery shopping and delivery to help you stay on track.

  1. Partner with Technology.

There are many incredible healthy living apps available. All you need to do is decide which one(s) works for you! The apps are like a supportive “smart” guide, keeping you on track and helping you stay committed to your health commitment.

Do you have a health commitment tip to add that did not get mentioned above? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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