Is Everyone Capable of Achieving their Dreams?

Is Everyone Capable of Achieving their Dreams? by The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #AchievingTheirDreams

Is everyone capable of achieving their dreams?

In a short answer, yes, everyone is capable of achieving their dreams.

We are ALL given an opportunity to manifest and create our own realities. There is a long answer to that too, which is what we’ll be discussing here. The Wellness Universe is all about supporting and encouraging everyone to pursue their heart’s desires, whatever they are, and there are a few tips to consider in order to give yourself the best chance for success.

Stick to Your Strengths:

Your strengths are the “tools” you came with in order to achieve success in this life. When creating our dreams, we may see another person living them and think we should do it like them. It’s great to have a model to emulate but following them exactly may not be for your Highest Good. You may have another component to your personality to add to the mix to make it uniquely your own and therefore bring something entirely new and fresh to the world that adds incredible value to peoples’ lives.

If we’re pursuing a dream in a way that is following the other person too closely we may run into obstacles and think, “This isn’t working; I must be failing; there’s something wrong with me,” but that couldn’t be further from the truth! When that happens, it is most beneficial to put the focus on adjusting your dream or outcome to tailor it to what YOU are naturally good at.

For example, certain dreams call for a more outgoing, extroverted personality, while others are more suited for an introverted personality type. If you are an introvert who sees an extrovert living a dream you desire to experience, you may find it a little less natural to start up conversations or be social, whereas the extroverted person excels. As much as the introvert wants to experience the life of the extrovert, each of their skill sets will directly influence the required steps along the journey, and therefore, the outcome. One will find it easy to create; the other will find it more challenging. If, for instance, the introvert has a desire to become more extroverted, they must be honest with themselves about how far they are willing to stretch outside of their comfort zone to manifest that dream into their reality.

It’s much easier to be honest with yourself about what you can do easily versus what requires more effort and discomfort for you to achieve. It can be challenging enough to bring your dreams into your reality; you don’t need to add to it by undervaluing and underutilizing your strengths.


Write down all the things that come naturally to you. What are the things you might take for granted, or think everyone else has too? Once your list is full, but not necessarily complete, see if you can find the common denominator between them all. If the Universe is trying to steer you in the right direction using your strengths as guidance, what “solution” do all these qualities point to? In what way can you express all or many of your strengths to benefit yourself and the world around you?

You don’t have to use ALL your strengths to manifest one dream vision but building a plan for yourself utilizing many of your “tools” will smooth out the journey and make it much more fun, rather than a struggle.

Believe in Yourself, Even If You Are the Only One Who Does:

This is where you can super-charge your manifestation abilities to achieve your dreams. Being CERTAIN of what you wish to accomplish makes it more real and helps take it from mind to matter much more quickly. Faith makes your dreams possible; certainty makes them inevitable. Be so certain that you just KNOW it’s only a matter of time that it will actualize.

By believing in yourself and the vision you see for yourself, others will be more likely to believe in you too. Don’t allow yourself to totally rely on that initially. At first, you may face resistance from your surroundings, especially if you are bringing something new to the world. As you progress on your path with faith and certainty, other like-minded people will join in and want to support you. That’s when your belief in yourself attracts others who add to and enhance the power of your belief.


The phrase “I am” is incredibly powerful, and anything you put after it becomes a “command” to the Universe to make it so. Use this phrase to help you stay on track and keep your belief strong. As a daily or as needed practice, write down the words, “I am…” and then fill in the blank. Write it for as many things that come to mind. This exercise boosts your beliefs, with certainty, as you state, “I am _______.” Be certain that your dreams will inevitably happen and release the how and the when; that job is for the Universe to fulfill.

Believing in yourself and sticking to your strengths are two major components that make achieving your dreams a WHOLE LOT easier. When self-doubt is introduced and when you’re not being honest with yourself about your capabilities and strengths, you may be adding unnecessary struggle to the equation. It will most certainly provide opportunities to learn from, which is still a benefit. However, if you want to have as much fun and joy as possible, embrace your natural abilities, apply your “tools,” believe that you can achieve your dreams, and you will.

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