The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Dru Ann Welch

The #Wellness Universe #Quote of the Day by Dru Ann Welch #WUVIP #choices #vibration

The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Dru Ann Welch

Enjoy The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Dru Ann and find more inspiration on her page. Here is her expanded thought…


Making good choices seems like a no-brainer.  I used to say this to my kids each day as they got on the bus to leave for school.  It really became a life mantra.  Every time they left the house they heard, “Have fun, and make good choices!”.
In a society where we are constantly online, people are airing their lives on Facebook and Twitter, and our government watches most of what we do.  Making a good choice is a matter of personal survival.  Thinking of posting something about your ex on Facebook?  Make a good choice, because you can\’t take that back.  When re-tweeting about the violence in the world – ask yourself, do you really want to be a part of that? Make good choices.
We are bombarded by the media about the choices we should, or should not be making.  In the end, are you sure they are your choices? Do you really think that some of these choices serve a higher vibrational need out there?  Make good choices!
It is time to take back the remote control from the world, and hold it in our own hand.  Press the channel button and make real changes in your life.  Make good choices – make the choice to turn off the news and take time to meditate; make the choice to eat healthier and read the labels on your food; make the choice to send a message of love to the world and not propagate the hate; make the choice to raise your vibration and really shift your world.
It is all up to you to be the change you want to see in the world.  Make good choices.


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