The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Laura Probert

The #Wellness Universe #Quote of the Day by Laura Probert #WUVIP #brave #dream

The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Laura Probert


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I realized all the amazing desires and dreams I had were locked up inside my head. I kept them to myself because I was too afraid of what others would think, or if I was good enough. Hiding away inside of me was my passion, inspiration, and enthusiasm, but it didn’t matter because I never expressed it. As soon as I had the courage, and the words slipped from my lips, I felt their power.

Claiming my dream by speaking it out loud held me accountable. Trusted friends mirrored my passion and inspired me to action. They gave me the super powers I needed to feel worthy, and the strength I needed to share my gifts. First, I had to use the feeling of fear as a compass, and let it point me to my dreams. Second, I had to say it out loud – and then it was real.


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