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Today we feature Anna Pereira. Her article educates you on stepping into your Goddess Energy. Be sure to check out her special holiday gift offer and order in time for Chanukah, Christmas, or any holiday you have coming up.

This gift supports:

  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Physical Wellness
  • Intellectual Wellness
  • Social Wellness

We know Goddesses have things in common. In The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Goddesses, volume 4 in our best-selling book series, we share the secrets for women everywhere to embrace their unique Goddess Energy and share it with the world.

Bask in your Unique Goddess Energy through physical, emotional, social, and spiritual self-care practices.

Be empowered through tools to elevate yourself. Here is some inspiration to sink into and radiate your unique Goddess Energy. There are a few items that may be high on your self-care priority list to gift yourself this holiday or help someone you love to experience more support in these areas.

Goddess, we want to support you to live your best life! Here are a few items that will help you to do just that, taken from our 25 Tools for Goddesses book:

  1. Practice Self-Love. After a traumatic romantic break-up, Anna Pereira implemented a visualization that helped her reclaim her life by reclaiming her self-love. In chapter 1 she shares a tool that helps the reader reclaim their heart. She says “Maybe I had been walking around all this time without owning my heart? When do I last remember loving myself with total ownership of me? ” With this awareness, she opened her life up to the love she had never known.
  2. Reframe Thoughts. We know thoughts are things and we must reframe them in order to live our best life experiences. It\’s easy to sink into the negative. How do we shift? In chapter 4, Stacey Wharton shares “How to Break Free of Harmful Beliefs and Foster Self-Love” with specific ways to reframe thoughts and beliefs and how to practice those suggestions to make them a habit.
  3. Stepping Out of Fear and Choosing Love. In chapter 6, author Debbie Prediger shares “5 steps to embrace your Goddess power.” Many of us struggle with operating from fear. We allow others to cross our boundaries, say “yes” when we want to say “no” and vice versa. When we choose love, we serve ourselves and in turn, are in best service to those we love. Love-filled self-empowerment!
  4. Forgiving. Forgiveness is an attribute every Goddess embodies. In chapter 10, “Let Go of the Hot Coal: Learn How to Forgive Yourself and Others with Ease” author Lolita Guarin shares her story about her alcoholic father and what she endured growing up. She says “Many resist forgiveness because it feels like if we forgive, we let the wrong-doers\’ behavior be justified or accepted. That is why I couldn’t forgive my father for a very long time.” While you may not have had this specific experience you know how hard it may be to forgive, yet, you are aware deep inside, to forgive is to set yourself free. Lolita shares exactly how with her self-care tool in 4 steps.
  5. Curbing and Controlling Cravings. Many of us struggle with food, sugar in particular. From feeding cancer to layering on those extra pounds to other health issues like diabetes, controlling sugar cravings is difficult, if not, impossible for many of us. In chapter 24, author Rev. Jennifer Elizabeth Moore shares a technique we stand behind, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. This method, combined with Jennifer\’s guided implementation to effectively curb your cravings, will help you slay the sugar craving beat that keep you from feeling your best, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

We here at The Wellness Universe are certain you will love:

Your experience with this book will be life-changing. The Goddess Treasure Box supports you beyond that with a hand-signed book, ritual kit, and more!

Giving the gift of wellness is always a wonderful way to make a difference in someone’s life!

We hope you enjoyed this article by Anna Pereira and have checked out her wonderful holiday gift suggestion!

May you have a happy and wellness-filled holiday.

With our loving support,

The Wellness Universe

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Imagine living in your full-on unique Goddess Energy?

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Imagine living in your full-on unique Goddess Energy? Top of your confidence, health, well-being, joy, peace, harmony, compassion, … 

Be empowered to express your Goddess 12/21!!

Pre-order a Goddess Treasure Box today! A hand-signed copy of the book, journal, and ritual kit is included! 

Today’s featured author is Debbie Prediger:  Chapter 6 – Go Deeper

Self Awareness is the Secret 

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